What Is A Simple Sentence?

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Cursive Statement Sentence Worksheets

What is a simple sentence?

Short answer: A simple sentence is a statement that has one subject and one verb no matter how many adjectives, adverbs, and phrases it also has.

The important point is that there is one subject with one predicate verb. Almost all our grammar worksheets have cursive sentences to complement the manuscript versions. 

Manuscript and Cursive Statement Sentences

The following statement sentences are super simple. They are a sample of the worksheets that show your kids the parts of a simple sentence. See links to more cursive worksheets below these. You'll find hundreds of cursive writing worksheets on our site. 

What are statement sentences? A declarative sentence makes a statement, it makes an assertion of being or action, either positive or negative.

In a way, "A subject is or does a verb." Details like adjectives and adverbs transform a sentence by adding details that make the sentence more interesting. 

These cursive writing worksheets use sentences that can help you teach grammar at the same time as you teach handwriting.

Examples Of What Is A Simple Sentence

What Is A Simple Sentence With An Action Verb?

The simplest sentences to make are sentences with action verbs.

Manuscript Simple Sentences

Cursive Simple Sentences

State Of Being Simple Sentences

More Simple Sentence Construction

What Is A Simple Sentence Subject?

Simple Sentence Adjectives

Simple Sentence Adverbs

Simple Sentence Linking Verbs

What Is A Simple Sentence Predicate?

Simple Sentence Prepositions

Simple Sentences With Prepositional Phrases

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More Cursive Simple Sentence Worksheets

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