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PrintNPractice free printable homeschool worksheets are special. Why?

Practice. That's a given on this website. All our worksheets offer practice.

What's special is that kids can practice on interactive worksheets. 

So many times you find that your children need practice and you need help getting them to practice well and often.

Then, goodness, you need to reload the paper!

Making our printable worksheets interactive meant that the copywork can be done on the computer or printed for hand work. So helpful to have the option! They can be typing practice for older children, too.

Check out our interactive worksheets here.

PrintNPractice worksheets run from preschool through grade 6 and combine most of the elementary basics in these grades from our homeschooling experience of over 15 years.

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Cursive Writing


Printable History Timeline



Free Printable Homeschool Worksheets

After homeschooling for many years and as our first four children began to graduate from high school, we needed help with our younger children. So, we created professional worksheets that would be easy for the rest of our children to practice their equations and spelling words.

This is how we started this website. Good for us, good for you.

Your schedule is busy, so we make sure our printable worksheets offer plenty of copy work with low teacher/parent involvement. This was a giant help to us, and can be the same for you.

Choose the worksheets you need, print, practice, and repeat.

Repeat till your children have learned the facts. This makes real simple homeschool lesson plans K-5. 

We offer homeschool worksheets to practice most of the material taught in the early grades. As a matter of fact, if you use our free printable worksheets (or buy them in bundles) at, you may teach your children more than if you spend several years schlogging through complete homeschool curriculum packages.

These are perfect for creating your own homeschool curriculum: Add good reading books and your favorite history and science and poof! You're set.

For books? First choose only good books. My favorite lesson plan is to divide the number of pages in the book by the number of days available to find the number of pages per day. The lesson plan then becomes "turn the page".

1. Why Choose Our Printable Homeschool Worksheets?

Simple. To make your day simple.

To teach your children the simple facts easily.

1.A. Printable Homeschool Worksheets To The Rescue

First, let's discuss printable homeschool worksheets.

Making the home school day productive and/or fun can be a challenge! Sometimes it is good to have busy work and sometimes it is fun to have printable worksheets to re-cap lessons with more practice. 

You know what it is like to wonder how to keep a bright toddler busy and you also know what it is like to have a student lagging with the Math facts.

These worksheets help each child at his own speed.

Are they copying the facts well? 

Sometimes the homeschool curriculum we choose doesn't make sense or leaves gaps. Other times the children copy their facts wrong or simply make up their own. You've got a better chance if the right spelling or equation is in front of them as they work.

You can use these printable homeschool worksheets to supplement any curriculum when you need extra practice exercises, or simply needed a break! 

1.B. Practice Worksheets

Practice. Our worksheets are for the children to learn the facts that other worksheets quiz or test.

It's great to have the quizzes, but I like to have them after some practice. Learn how our worksheets offer practice here.

1.C. Interactive Homeschool Worksheets: So You Can Leave Notes & Directions

All of our worksheets are interactive which means that you can:

  1. Type on the worksheets before you print them. 
  2. Copy them to your children's computer files to be finished there.
  3. Save ink and paper.
  4. Make notes in your favorite fonts, SIZES, and colors.

Neat Example: The main history materials here, so far, is our super useful history timeline. This history timeline page has a great explanation for using interactive annotations.

It is wonderful for being able to add your own names and dates. You can print yours on card stock. We have and have been able to keep the same timeline for many years.

Learn more about our printable interactive worksheets here.

2. Oodles of Practice Homeschool Worksheets

Printable Homeschool Math Worksheets

Our printable math worksheets are some of the most popular on our site. They offer space for practice, usually three times each.

You can print addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division worksheets that have three spaces after each equation for your kids to copy the equations for all four math operations.

The printable multiplication tables supplement your math lessons with plenty of practice using the multiplication chart. Also, all four operations are on video flash cards. Oh, how I wish I'd had these years ago!

Me? These are the main Math worksheets I ever used while homeschooling our youngest children from Kindergarten through third grade.

You now have all the practice you need till your children learn the Math facts:

Counting Worksheets

Addition WorksheetsVideos

Subtraction PagesVideos

Multiplication Sheets and Videos

Division Materials and Videos

Fractions Worksheets

Free Homeschool Phonics Worksheets

Your children can learn the English language basics with our Phonics homeschool worksheets and printable flash cards.

You will also find Phonics Videos so you and your kids can see and say the sounds of the letters of the alphabet while they practice saying them. If they are writing them it is good to say the sound at the same time for better retention.

Get lists of phonics words on worksheets that use the first sounds, or short vowel sounds, and offer space for your students to copy the correct spelling of words, again, three times each.

Each download is one to several pages long, for example: several pages for -ch, for -er, for -th, etc.

We also offer the singular and plural nouns with room to practice on our Phonics Worksheets pages.

Printable Grammar Homeschool Worksheets

PrintNPractice puts the puzzle together! Take the mystery out of diagramming sentences by using our free grammar homeschooling worksheets. 

Teach all the grammar definitions and you will go through all of the basics of English grammar.

Find the definitions in both A-Z and learning order in our free printable Grammar Definitions Ebook. Truly any of our free language arts worksheets can serve as English worksheets in that they teach the English language as they teach other elementary education subjects.

What's super cool is that most of the sentence worksheets have both the manuscript and cursive worksheets so your children can practice their handwriting while they study grammar.

I really like Karen Newell's wonderful Grammar Slammer and her Write On for creative writing.

Enjoy Karen's wide selection of Kid Friendly Homeschool Curriculum here.

You will also like Elizabeth O'Brien's complete courses. Her website is full of useful videos - especially for diagramming sentences.

3. Homeschool Documentation And Portfolios

If your state requires homeschool documentation or portfolios, these homeschool worksheets can be very helpful.

To learn more see your state's homeschool laws here.

4. Homeschool Worksheets For Notebooking

Homeschool notebooking is fun. It's simple, too.

Just grab a notebook and write or draw what you see or what you are studying. Remember that Mom can keep her own notebook, too. There are years that I have done this and, oh, how I wish I'd kept one for each grade.

If you're using a binder for your notebooks, you can expand your pages or re-do them. Our free worksheets make great notebooking pages and give your students the basics whether you're using a home school curriculum or not. What do you use for tricky subjects like Math and Phonics?

The easiest homeschool notebooking ideas are for such things as lend themselves to both pictures and writing.

Teach History Using A Timeline

History notebooks are the most fun for our family. Add a printable timeline and some maps for geography and your children can actually write and depict their own version of history (your own version of history based on reality at this point in their education).

Studying the Bible, learning the language arts - especially composition, and science are fun to make great notebooks. Truly, the Bible can start your history and then history can be the backbone of your curriculum.

Looking back through our years I wish that I'd treated our children's school work like building a scrap book - a bit of a narrated photo albums interspersed with their best homeschool worksheets.

Truly, I didn't have a sense of history until I started teaching our children their history using a timeline.

Notebooking Worksheets

Use all our PrintNPractice Worksheets as notebooking pages to practice many of the regular school subjects. Notebooking is easy with worksheets when you need to repeat lessons or when you're stumped for good ideas.

Our materials are excellent for notebooking if you use an expandable notebook like a binder (and a 3 hole punch). Use thin paper for everyday and card stock to separate sections between subjects.

But what do you do about subjects like Math, Phonics, and Grammar? You'll find ideas all throughout our site. 

I think that our children have learned more during our homeschool years that they will retain during future years than I myself did in brick and mortar schools. Practice is the key.

Sample Printable Homeschool Worksheets For Notebooking:

Here are some homeschool notebooking pages that have worksheets that might interest you:

5. Worksheets For Homeschool Grandmothers and Grandfathers

In the right situations grandparents can homeschool their grandchildren. Again, check what your state's laws are and then check these articles for some very helpful ideas:

Be encouraged! There are so many more resources today than ever before.

My math favorites would be the Saxon, Shormann, and Teaching Textbooks. They all have DVDs or CDs to teach homeschool Math. 

Homeschool language arts is easier when the program encompasses everything from phonics, writing, grammar, spelling and more. See this Orton based program and our homeschool phonics printables.

I've included my favorite recommendations for you throughout this site. Everything is something I have used and think will be useful to you, or that a dear friend has used and I wish I had used.

Be encouraged to use the search bar at the top of most pages or go to our search page here. Otherwise use our contact form. I love to hear from our visitors.

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