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Fall 2020: Free Printable Teacher Worksheets In Bundles

Did you know that you can share our free printable teacher worksheets digital downloads with your schools, districts, and even other teachers?

Sure! We are happy to help during these difficult times especially since our worksheets are digitable, interactive, and excellent for distance learning.

All of our copyright free worksheets are already free at PrintNPractice.

Many teachers need increasingly more student worksheets for practice, review, and remediation. If this is you click the numbers to go to these different grades: 

K12345, and 6.

These are also seen in bundles on our order page and at   TeachersPayTeachers.

During this difficult time: If you want these worksheets in organized files by subject you can contact me using your school’s email. I can send the download bundles to you gratis, for free.

~Mary Fifer

Free Teacher Worksheets



No sign up.

No credit card.

No commitment.

Never obsolete.

No endless stream of hard to correct variations.

'Just free.

Online Teacher Worksheets

While educational companies are scrambling to offer you services, PrintNPractice has always offered free teacher worksheets. 

You should not have to pay for worksheets that you might not be able to use in a classroom due to copyright, so these are also copyright free.

So many times you hear that you can buy worksheets; yet then the companies or superintendents tell you that you cannot use them in the classroom, school, or school district because you've "distributed the work to others".

Be encouraged!

You can legally share links to copyright free PrintNPractice worksheets from your school or district websites.

You can use them by email, Google Drive, and online classrooms, etc.

Grades: PreschoolKindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

All are copyright free. Our worksheets are copyright free for your interactive notebooks and Google Classroom or online classroom distance learning with free district and school access for school time and when school is out: school closings, hybrid school, summer school, and holidays.

See practice printable teacher worksheets for

Add or copy these worksheets to your Google Classroom or online classroom and send a link to parents and guardians. 

  • No-prep printables.
  • Paperless and printable.
  • No key necessary, but for several that have answer keys included.
  • At-a-glance easy to grade or assess.
  • Self guided learning. “Read it. Write it. Repeat.”
  • Model for copy work practice.
  • Remote learning practice.
  • Independent work for students.
  • Homework or take home practice.

See descriptions and samples below.

Free Online Teacher Worksheets

See our site map with explanations or the quick links below.


Main Math Worksheets Page:

ShapesNumbersCounting, ClocksMoneyMeasurementColor By NumberChecksRoman Numerals.

AdditionSubtractionMultiplicationDivisionFractionsExponents, Squares and CubesDecimalsFormulas, Prime NumbersOrder of OperationsPre-AlgebraPrintable Math Dictionary PDFMath Symbols Glossary PDF, and Printable Graph Paper.


AlphabetAlphabet Flash Cards, Alphabet ColoringWriting WorksheetsManuscript, Cursive WritingPrintable Writing Paper


Short VowelsLong VowelsPhonics ActivitiesPhonics RulesAdvanced PhonicsPrintable Phonics Flashcards.


Diagramming SentencesVerbsVerb TensesSimple Past TenseSubject Verb AgreementNounsNominativesDirect ObjectsGerundsAdverbsAppositivesNoun WorksheetsPronounsPrepositionsConjunctionsSimple SentencesCompound SentencesPunctuation RulesCapitalization Rules.


Spelling WorksheetsVocabulary.

History Timeline

History Timeline Template

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Free Online Worksheets For School, Homework, And Homeschool Practice

Free Online Teacher Resources - Free Homeschool Curriculum

For teachers and parents: PrintNPractice free printable worksheets are all copyright-free, digital activities for students. Use in homeschool, interactive notebooks for online classrooms, Google classroom, distance learning, tutoring and learning pods, and hybrid school. 

  • No prep.
  • No tracking.
  • Self learning.
  • Copyright free.
  • Lifetime license.
  • Diverse learners.
  • Easy drill-and-kill.
  • Interactive worksheets.
  • Printable morning work.
  • Paperless morning work.
  • Go printable or paperless.
  • Stay on track. Summer review.
  • Easy elementary school curriculum.
  • Remote learning packets or homework.
  • Most need no answer key or key is included.
  • Videos for audio and visual learners. God bless headphones!

See free teacherhomeschool, digital interactive school-at-home learning exercises with no login, no sign-up, no voucher, no account, and no credit card. Loads of digital activities for device-based learning. As seen at TeachersPayTeachers.

Digital Teacher Worksheets

PrintNPractice worksheets are digital hybrid school or distance learning.

  • Are you finding ways to keep your students connected?
  • To send them assignments that will keep them studying whether they have a printer at home or not?
  • To find practice work that will keep them in the school groove?
  • Need to send them to children who may not have printers? 

With teacher, tutor, or parent help children can finish the worksheets or do the assignment using a computer. Then parents can send the finished copies or photos back to you or the school.

You can print these worksheets for practice as often as your students need reinforcement activities. They make great homework ideas because they’re simple for students to understand and to do.

How To Use Our Printable Teacher Worksheets

For teachers and parents: How to use printable teacher worksheets:

  1. Teachers or parents download the worksheets to your files.
  2. Type your own instructions or dates on each page, if you like.
  3. Copy to your Google classroom, Moodle, WizIQ, Udemy, Zoom, etc.
  4. Send a link to parents and guardians or print for student packs.
  5. When students finish the work parents can send you:
  • A photo, 
  • A screen shot, 
  • Saved documents to return digitally, or 
  • Add the answers to private comments.

After that you can send digital feedback to your students.

Thank you for sharing wherever you can. Your support and sharing keeps us providing help for you and your students for free! 

Digital Practice Worksheets

Oh, for practice! These printable teacher worksheets offer your students an opportunity to practice the basics on digital elementary curriculum.

As we use different curriculum, we see where many curriculum requirements lack practice activities. Many times the books and programs do not teach enough real math or phonics in a good order so that kids understand what they're supposed to learn before they take a test.

Now you can print the practice worksheets that reinforce what you taught during the day and what you want your students to remember for the future.

You can print and the kids can practice for homework.

Homework And Practice Student Worksheets

You'll find worksheets here that are rare to find today. 

Think of it: The facts are the facts.

A way to practice them easily can be hard to find, especially if students are not apt to practice or if there is little time to repeat their lessons.

Here at PrintNPractice practice is our specialty, whether you're teaching the math facts or language arts. 

We have thousands of printable teacher worksheets for independent student practice. We've worked hard to design a site for easy and organized navigation, making it easy to find "What comes next?" for daily work.

  • Teachers, parents, tutors, and homeschoolers return again and again. Why?
  • We have also designed our website so that there is no registration necessary, unless you would like to receive our near monthly ezine.
  • You can print these even using your phone or you can download them to your own files or online classroom.
  • Substitute teachers really appreciate it when you can leave a packet or online list of links of suggested printable worksheets. 
  • Think of us when you are looking for activities to leave for substitute teachers, homework help, time fillers, and tips.

Remediation Worksheets

Sometimes a child simply misses a class, or changed schools, or does not have help at home.

Simple remediation worksheets may make the world of difference for your students. Many times the fault is with the curriculum itself. 

Now what do you do?

Send home practice worksheets.

Almost all our worksheets focus on practicing the basic facts in learning order and are simple enough for special education.

See our sitemap for a full list of our math, phonics, spelling, handwriting, grammar worksheets.

Interactive Worksheets

A huge benefit to you using our printable teacher worksheets is that they are also interactive. They're digital for easy delivery and use.

You can make your own notes and instructions right on the worksheets or your students can answer the worksheets in their own computer files and distance learning.

Simply copy the worksheets you assign to the student's files and the kids can type their answers in their favorite colors, fonts, and sizes.

  • Email the links for homework assignments and distance learning.
  • Download to your students' files so they can complete the assignments on the computer saving the time, money, and heartache of ink and paper.
  • Learn more about using our printable interactive worksheets here.

Example Printable Teacher Worksheets PDF Format

Printable Phonics Worksheets

Our phonics pages are super popular with teachers and parents.


I know many children who really struggled with reading. These pages kept them busy with constructive work that eventually led them to be able to read without useless work and cartoon distractions.

We were fortunate to have had a super teacher rescue our teaching efforts with an Orton based phonics program

You can use many different Orton products and your students can learn the English language basics with our printable Phonics worksheets.

Printable Teacher Worksheets: Writing And Handwriting

We have Handwriting Worksheets here.

And cursive writing practice with our Grammar worksheets.

Free Printable Teacher Worksheets For Spelling

The words are written on the sheets with space to copy the spelling words three times each.

There's less chance for kids to make errors when the words are already written on the paper with our printable Spelling worksheets.

Printable Math Teaching Resources

These are my second favorite pages. Our main Math page offers the Math terms with our printable Math Worksheets to match.

Little ones can copy their equations independently, while you can be sure that they have the right equation to copy in the first place.

There are also printable flash cards on the

Printable Teacher Worksheets For Grammar

Ok. These are my next favorite worksheets, they put the Grammar puzzle together! We take the mystery out of diagramming sentences with our printable teacher worksheets for teaching English.

Our second nav (middle column) offers the main English Grammar terms in learning order and printable Grammar Worksheets to match.

Even adults benefit by reading these pages. If your students study them all, they'll go through all of the basics of English Grammar. You can find the definitions in both A-Z and learning order in our downloadable free printable Grammar Definitions Ebook.

Truly, though, almost any of our free teacher worksheets teach the English language at the same time that they teach writing and such.

See my favorite set of creative writing ideas here.

Free common sense practice worksheets are the order of the day at PrintNPractice!

Say it! Write it! Repeat it!

Order our Printable Worksheets Bundles.

Who Benefits By At-Home Educational Resources?

Who benefits by using these worksheets?

Not just teachers and students, but also the

  • School Board
  • Superintendent
  • Principal
  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Public Education Department
  • Lower School Headmaster
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Director of Special Education
  • Central Services
  • After School Programs
  • Director of Instruction Design and Support
  • Learning Management Specialist
  • Director of Professional Learning

At public schools, unified school districts, municipal or city school districts, Montessori schools, academies, preparatory schools, charter schools, and traditional accredited and non-accredited schools in all our states, territories, and other countries where English and classical education is taught or used.

These are some of the schools using our worksheets and moving to distance learning:

There are many more including international mission schools in India, Gabon, South Africa, and Nigeria.

IELTS Writing Module

The initials IELTS is the abbreviation for the International English Language Testing System, which is a test designed to measure the four skills of writing, speaking, reading and listening.

It is accepted by many institutions and employers in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and North America. The writing part of the IELTS test varies depending on whether you are taking the exam to study or to work abroad.

The IELTS Writing Module at lets you know what to expect in the writing module.

Author and Webmaster, Mary Fifer
Mary Fifer (Webmaster,

Mary Fifer, BSBA is webmaster, author, and researcher at She has created elementary school practice exercises using digital interactive worksheets. Printable and perfect for today's teachers, tutors, homeschoolers, and students!

Thank you for visiting and for sharing. :-)

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