Pronoun Worksheets
Make Learning About Pronouns Easy

We have oodles of printable pronoun worksheets on this page: singular & plural, indefinite, personal, relative, reflexive pronouns and most kinds have an English pronouns list.

These will give your students examples of the main way that we use pronouns in sentences. 

Also, most of our grammar worksheets also have cursive writing worksheets for the different types of pronoun.

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First, What Is A Pronoun?

A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. Pronouns are used as subject and object pronouns the same way a noun is used.

Subject Pronouns

  • John bats the ball. > He bats the ball.
  • Mary sits nicely. > She sits nicely.

Object Pronouns

  • Bat the ball to John. > Bat it to him.
  • Sit next to Mary. > Sit next to her.

Basically pronouns can replace nouns.

It is handy to have a list of pronouns to be able to refer to or to memorize, since pronouns seem to keep their identity better than nouns and verbs!

See below for the many kinds of pronoun printables on this page.

Printable List of Pronouns

List Of Pronouns Reference Chart

This download is two pages that you can print back to back to hole-punch and keep in your binder. I printed mine on card stock.

Your children might like to do the same as they can keep it through high school grammar.

18 Manuscript List Of Pronouns Worksheets

This download has eighteen List of Pronouns Worksheets with manuscript handwriting for copywork.

18 Cursive List Of Pronouns Worksheets

This download has eighteen List of Pronouns Worksheets with cursive writing for copywork and penmanship.

See all our PrintNPractice printables in affordable bundles here .

Printable Pronoun Worksheets

Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns List

Demonstrative pronouns can also be called indicative pronouns as they indicate whether things are near or close.

  • Singular - this, that
  • Plural - these, those

These pronouns demonstrate an aspect of a thing being close or far either figuratively or physically. See these examples:


  • My idea is this....
  • His idea is that....
  • These ideas come from home.
  • Those ideas come from somewhere else.


  • This ball is close.
  • That base is far.
  • These pencils in my hand are close.
  • Those pens in the drawer are far.

Practice saying "This, that, these, and those". Three times quickly. They are easier to learn and to remember this way.

3 Manuscript Demonstrative Pronouns Worksheets

3 Cursive Demonstrative Pronouns Worksheets

All of our grammar worksheets are included in one bundle and are like the samples on our site. Enjoy!

Indefinite Pronouns

Indefinite Pronouns List

Indefinite pronouns are inclusive, the word does not define a specific thing. In the negative, these pronouns include indefinite persons or things.

  • An indefinite pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun and takes the place of an antecedent that is not named and that cannot be named as a specific person or thing.












































Singular or Plural






The first worksheet download here has two pages and the second has four. Each have a list of indefinite pronouns.

Indefinite Pronoun Worksheets

Indefinite Pronoun Definition And Lists

This first worksheet has two pages which can be printed double sided and has the definition of indefinite pronouns and lists.

4 Singular, Plural, And Singular Or Plural Indefinite Pronoun Lists

These four worksheets have singular, plural, and singular or plural indefinite pronouns lists.

Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative Pronoun List

Singular or Plural

Nominative - who, which, what
Possessive - whose, whose
Objective - whom, which, what

Interrogative pronouns are all in the third person.

They can be singular or plural.

To see whether they are nominative (subjective), possessive, or objective pronouns put the sentence in a diagram.

Manuscript Writing Interrogative Pronoun Worksheets

Cursive Handwriting Interrogative Pronoun Worksheets

Objective Pronouns List

Objective pronouns are pronouns in the objective case and are easier to recognize than nouns in the objective because they have different spellings from the subjective or nominative pronouns.

  • An objective pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun (pro-noun) and is used as a direct object, indirect object or object of a preposition. 

Objective pronoun list: me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them, whom (people), what (things). Have the children practice quickly with this objective pronouns list. The second one is in cursive.

The second pronoun list includes the reflexive pronouns and has a cursive version, too. Sometimes quickly copying the list is a great way for children to remember object pronouns.

Manuscript Objective Pronouns List Worksheet

Cursive Objective Pronouns List Worksheet

Manuscript Objective Pronouns List Worksheet With Reflexive Pronouns

Cursive Objective Pronouns List Worksheet With Reflexive Pronouns

Object Pronoun Worksheets

Direct Object Pronoun Worksheets

These sets of worksheets use objective pronouns in sentences. First come the direct objects and then the indirect objects. In these next exercises the direct and indirect object pronouns are written in gray where the rest of the words are written in black.

1. Direct Object - A direct object is the noun or pronoun that receives the action of a transitive verb in the ACTIVE voice and is formed in the objective case. 

Manuscript Sentences With Direct Object Pronoun Worksheet

Cursive Writing Sentences With Direct Object Pronoun Worksheet

Indirect Object Pronouns

2. Indirect Object - An indirect object is the noun or pronoun that receives the direct object and is formed in the objective case. It is another objective complement. An objective pronoun is a word used instead of a noun to name an object. 

Manuscript Sentences Indirect Object Pronouns Worksheet

Cursive Sentences Indirect Object Pronouns Worksheet

Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns List

Personal pronouns are the only English words that show their case by their spelling - well, most of them. In the different cases there's a different word to use:

  • When a pronoun is used as a subject, it is in the nominative case (it names the person or thing acting or being). 
  • When a pronoun is used as an adjective showing ownership or possession, it is in the possessive case.
  • When a pronoun is used as an object (direct, indirect, or object of a preposition), it is in the objective case.

Nominative Case

Nominative Pronouns Replace the Subject








Possessive Case

Possessive Pronouns Express Ownership








Objective Case

Direct Object, Indirect Object, Object of the Preposition

me, myself

you, yourself

him, himself

her, herself

it, itself

us, ourselves

them, themselves

anything, nothing

Reflexive Personal Pronoun Worksheets

Reflexive or intensive pronouns? These worksheets have examples of reflexive pronouns in a list (compound or intensive pronouns).

See also compound pronouns. This set begins with a list exercise and the last page has sentences.

Manuscript Reflexive Personal Pronoun Worksheets

Cursive Reflexive Personal Pronoun Worksheets

1 Manuscript Sentences Reflexive Personal Pronoun Worksheet

1 Cursive Sentences Reflexive Personal Pronoun Worksheet

More Manuscript Sentences Reflexive Personal Pronoun Practice Worksheet

More Cursive Sentences Reflexive Personal Pronoun Practice Worksheet

Possessive Pronouns

Manuscript Possessive Pronouns Worksheet With Sentences

Cursive Possessive Pronouns Worksheet With Sentences

Relative Pronouns

Relative Pronouns List

Relative pronouns take the place of nouns and join or relate a dependent adjective clause to an antecedent in another clause.

The sun, which was setting, radiated throughout the sky.

Singular or Plural

Nominative - who, which, what
Possessive - whose, whose
Objective - whom, which, what

Relative Pronouns Exercises

Manuscript Relative Pronouns Worksheet

Cursive Relative Pronouns Worksheet

Expanded List Of Pronouns

Hint: They, their, theirs, and them are neuter personal pronouns. Simply change the y of "they" to i or m if you are speaking of people or things.

Singular and Plural Pronouns

Singular Pronouns List

I - nominative

mine, my - possessive

me - objective

you - nominative, obj.

yours, your - possessive

he - masculine, nominative

she - feminine, nominative

it - neuter, nominative

his - masculine, possessive

hers - feminine, possessive

its - neuter, possessive

him - masculine, objective

her - feminine, objective

Plural Pronouns List

we - nominative

ours - possessive

us - objective

you - nominative, objective

yours - possessive

they - neuter, nominative

theirs, their - neuter, possessive

them - neuter, objective

Compound Personal Pronouns List In English
(Reflexive Pronouns, Self Pronouns, And Intensive Pronouns)

What are Personal Pronouns, Compound Personal Pronouns, Reflexive Pronouns, Self Pronouns, And Intensive Pronouns?

They are all defined by the way they are used either to reflect the antecedent or to emphasize the antecedent.



First Person

Nominative And Objective



Second Person

Nominative And Objective



Third Person

Nominative And Objective



Oneself may also be written as two words - one's self.

Pronouns Of Place

Pronouns of place speak of position.

Hint: Pronouns of place are spelled with the word "here":




Come here!
Do not go there.



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Thank you for visiting our printable pronoun worksheets.


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