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Appostive Definitions And Examples Make Practice Fun

Using these appositives worksheets makes an appositive easy to recognize. It repeats its antecedent or renames the noun.

It's usually marked by punctuation and this is usually a comma or a pair of commas; and it takes the same case as its antecedent, or head noun for subjects, objects, possessives.

I like to show my children where appositives sit on a diagram so that they get a picture of what I'm teaching. An appositive can sit in the same space as the subject or object or it can be on a floating line above the subject or object and set in parentheses. See our diagram charts to see where the parts of speech sit and appositive diagrams.

Words, phrases, and clauses can be used in apposition to their antecedent. They simply repeat what the word in apposition meant. The same goes for phrases and clauses as for words.

A word, a noun or a pronoun, added to another to modify and explain it is called an appositive word and is used in apposition with the other word. Sometimes this defines the word more precisely, too, as in this example: A worthy gift,  this beautiful watch!

  • If the appositive is removed from the sentence and the meaning of the sentence is changed the appositive is restrictive.
  • If it is removed from the sentence and the meaning of the sentence is not changed it is a non-restrictive appositive.

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