Printable Phonics Worksheets
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Printable Phonics Worksheets For Kids

190+ Printable Phonics Worksheets: Buy them all in one bundle. Letters, phonograms, digraphs, and trigraphs.

Sample Phonics Worksheets

Interactive printables.

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These printable Phonics worksheets offer practice words for the 26 alphabetical letters and the different phonograms or blends with space to copy the words three times each.

  • 70+ phonograms.
  • Copy phonics words 3 times.
  • Top, mid, and base lines.
  • Two line sizes.
  • Printable flash cards.

Print and reprint as often as your students need to practice phonics!

Contains 197 pages of printable Phonics Worksheets!

Teaching Phonics Using Printable Worksheets

Printable Phonics Worksheets - Single and Multi-Letter Phonograms, Kindergarten and First Grade Phonics.

Teaching phonics is so much easier with our printable phonics flash worksheets.

Children learn their facts better once they have time to practice. Our printable worksheets give you this opportunity without having to make practice sheets yourself. 

Our phonics flash cards and worksheets show the top, mid, and base lines so that children who are learning phonics and handwriting know where the letters sit on the lines. Find:

  • Alphabet worksheets.
  • Quiz sheets to practice the Orton Spalding phonograms.
  • Phonics worksheets have words to copy while the students say the sounds they write, repeating each word three times.
  • The correct spelling is always visible for practice.
  • Flash cards with blue lines rule the top, mid, and base lines.

You can get these worksheets from our sites free or purchase them in one bundle from this page.

Orton/Spalding Phonogram Worksheets

If you are using Orton phonics lessons as with Spalding, Sanseri, Schola, Gillingham, Sound Beginnings you'll love these worksheets for extra practice writing the phonograms in words.

Teach the phonics sounds of the letters and the multiletter phonograms, and your children can practice writing the words while saying the sounds. 

Practice is the key that so many programs miss. Use these worksheets for homework practice or easy review.

If you are working with older students or ESL students you can print these two-up so that the work is at college. It makes the work look easier, too. :-)

Interactive Phonics Worksheets

What do you do when you have no ink?

No paper?

Answer: Copy the files to a computer file for each of your children and let them type the answers. They love it. After a bit of practice they are learning typing as they practice phonics. 

Need printed copies? Simply print their work when your supply of ink and paper allow. 

Printable Phonics Worksheets For Kids - Reinforces learning the phonics sounds.

Interactive printables.

Printable Phonics Worksheets Download  $9.98

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