Free Interactive Worksheets For Kids

Free Interactive Worksheets Can Save You Time, Money, And Heartache - Add your own notes and instructions, too.

What Is An Interactive Worksheet?

An interactive worksheets are worksheets that can be used with or without printing. Students can fill the answers digitally. You or they can store the worksheets digitally. 

How do you use interactive worksheets for practice?

  • Teachers? Are you assigning homework? 
  • Tutors? Do you wish you could add your own notes to a worksheet?
  • Homeschool? Would your kids like to type their answers on the computer? (It's so cool, and kids pick it up quickly once you set up their files.)
  • Interactive Online Learning? Would you like to send worksheets electronically to your students so they can do the assignment and then return their work to you?
  • Digital Downloads? Download them here. :-)

If so, then stay with me as this is a long page, yet it has wonderful ideas to brighten up a school day at school or at home! Super simple and ready made. No tracking. No agenda.

Interactive Worksheets And Distance Learning? Do you need practice homework worksheets or elementary school digital activities for students K-6?

  • See our Teacher Worksheets page for more info on using these digital activities with students in an online classroom or for homework help.
  • Parents, too. We have the practice your children need to memorize the basics. No list of endless quizzes here. No agenda. No tracking.
  • We do not collect information from you or your students.

Can You Print Interactive Worksheets?

Yes, you can! These are all free printable interactive worksheets.

Coloring pages, too.

You can type messages on the PDFs before you print them. Kids love it on the coloring pages for sending greetings to family and friends! You'll love it for notes and instructions.

Printable Interactive Coloring Pages Are Great Fun!

Printable Interactive Worksheets And Coloring PagesPrintNPractice printables are interactive digital activities for students K-6 even coloring pages!

Interactive PDFs For School Or Home

Printable interactive worksheets in PDF format are handy! They really shine when your students need to practice the basics.

You can use different fontscolors, or SIZES which makes fun digital classroom activities with real academic value.

Whether you buy the bundles to keep in your own files or download our free individual worksheets from the live website, you can:

  • Print PDFs for your students to hand-fill with pen or pencil,
  • Or they can fill the info digitally on a copied file.
  • Send them with or without annotation.
  • Add your own notes and instructions.
  • Students can store their work in their own files.
  • Teacher? Students can resend the digital copy to you, 
  • Or they can take a photo or screenshot of the digital version or the paper version.

Use these digital worksheets to their full potential, especially when your copier is down or you do not have time to wait on print orders in the print room. See our interactive digital 

Editable Paperless Or Printable Worksheets

All of our printable worksheets and coloring pages allow you or your students to edit the worksheet by typing from the computer directly onto our practice printables.

  • You can file the results.
  • You can also print the results.

If you save the file with a new name you can reuse the original copy for more practice sessions.

Distance Learning Online Classroom

After you download these practice worksheets, you can type instructions or students can complete their assignments or add messages to their coloring pages.

Download the online interactive worksheets from our website or buy the bundles to keep in your own files.

Make your own notes or add directions, names, and dates.

Print them or copy them to your students' files.

View Before You Download

Me? I despise when websites make you download a worksheet before you even see it. That's why I've made ours so that you see the actual PDF before downloading.

If you can't see them, check the way your browser works to see if there is a setting that you can change.

Also, each worksheet's icon is an image of the actual PDF, so you have an idea of what you're going to print or download, no matter your computer's setting.

  • Children can fill in their answers right on the PDF. If they keep a copy they can rename it with their own name, an assignment code, or a number.
  • They can then take a photo and return the work by phone or add it to private comments.
  • These are not hooked up to some tracking system. 
  • They're plain PDFs where you have total control.
  • Our printables have no advertising. 
  • You can print the finished product or save it to your files.
  • Review completed assignments and return feedback to the student.

Once your students finish their lessons, you can review their submitted work and share feedback with the student and parents.

If you're a teacher and need homework practice worksheets, you'll love these worksheets. They teach the facts in order and give space for practice. No answer key needed. 

See our teacher worksheets page for more info.

Great for homeschool, too.

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Free Online Worksheets For School, Homework, And Homeschool Practice

Free Online Teacher Resources - Free Homeschool Curriculum

For teachers and parents: PrintNPractice free printable worksheets are all copyright-free, digital activities for students. Use in homeschool, interactive notebooks for online classrooms, Google classroom, distance learning, tutoring and learning pods, and hybrid school. 

  • No prep.
  • No tracking.
  • Self learning.
  • Copyright free.
  • Lifetime license.
  • Diverse learners.
  • Easy drill-and-kill.
  • Interactive worksheets.
  • Printable morning work.
  • Paperless morning work.
  • Go printable or paperless.
  • Stay on track. Summer review.
  • Easy elementary school curriculum.
  • Remote learning packets or homework.
  • Most need no answer key or key is included.
  • Videos for audio and visual learners. God bless headphones!

See free teacherhomeschool, digital interactive school-at-home learning exercises with no login, no sign-up, no voucher, no account, and no credit card. Loads of digital activities for device-based learning. As seen at TeachersPayTeachers.

What Is A Digital Download?

At PrintNPractice you click on a link and download a PDF where you want it in your computer or tablet. Simple.

Sometimes there are several worksheets. This keeps like exercises organized and together in your files.

If you buy the bundles there are several files with many worksheets. This is a Godsend for organization!

How Do Digital Downloads Work?

By downloading these interactive worksheets to your files you can print, copy, or save the finished digital worksheets in your students' files.

  • This saves ink, paper, time, and money.
  • It also saves the day when you're out of ink or paper, yet do not want the children online.

Once you save these PDFs, type directions on them or assign them to the children. Teachers and tutors can email their assignments.

What Can You Do With Digital Downloads?

You can email the link from the website or the file path if you have a network.

You can even do this at home. Simply email your kids and they can download the work to their own files. Even third and fourth grade kids are handy using files.

Store or print the finished printables. Because these are so easy to access, students can repeat the same practice and if they copy the original before editing as with learning the math tables.

Kids love typing on their worksheets and then printing their work! Now they're published authors!

These worksheets save time, space, and clutter if you do not need to have printed materials.

Kids Can Practice Elementary School Facts With Interactive PDF Worksheets

Interactive Worksheets - PDF PrintablesKids can practice the facts without printing the worksheets. No ink needed!

Kids can type to practice by writing their answers and solving problems directly on our printable worksheets. This way the children do not need to be online to finish their assignments.

Or they can fill out the worksheets in their computer files. You can move or copy them to your own files to keep an official file.

Teachers, tutors, parents, and students are able to print the completed worksheets or file them in their students' files.

  • Save or print.
  • Or both.
  • No special tools are necessary.
  • Choose your favorite fontscolors, or SIZES.

All of our worksheets are digital interactive PDFs and are great for elementary school practice.

Interactive Math Worksheets

I just love these! So many times we needed our children to practice the Math tables and review what they'd already studied. See an example interactive Math worksheet to the right with a fillable multiplication worksheet. Some children love to fill in the answers right on the computer.

The equation with its correct answer is right there for the children to practice copying three times. If they add saying the equation and its answer aloud as they write them, they'll remember them much longer. 

If you place a premium on practicing the Math facts you'll love our interactive Math worksheets. Each is a blank interactive printable.

Just think of being able to use different colors and fonts to practice ordinary skills like additionmultiplication, and spelling on an interactive worksheet. Sound like fun?

Sample Interactive Math Worksheet PDF To Print

See worksheets like the following practice multiplication worksheet and several other formats:

Sample Interactive Multiplication Worksheet

You'll find hundreds of interactive math resources like our blank multiplication chart on our multiplication page. We have similar worksheets and flash cards for all four math operations.

Free Printable Interactive Graph Paper

Our next products were our PrintNPractice interactive PDF printable graph papers. 

These are a real treat. We have many colors and sizes of interactive graph paper which means that it's fun to choose colors that go with a theme, too.

Use our red graph paper with a green greeting for quick Christmas wrapping paper. Use orange and brown for October and Thanksgiving themes.

See our main math page for more interactive math worksheets: clocks, counting, hundred chart and hundreds more.

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Choose A Phonics Interactive Worksheet

When you're practicing the phonics sounds in class, have your children fill out an interactive PDF so they can copy the right spelling every time.

Print or file these interactive phonics worksheets to distribute to students either online or send to the print shop. Click the image to go to our main phonics page with worksheets, flash cards, and videos for the phonics sounds.

History Timeline Interactive Worksheet

This is my favorite interactive worksheet! The first of our interactive resources was our blank interactive printable history timeline.

You can put the people and events in history that you want your kids to learn and choose colors that match the theme, or simply choose your favorite colors.

I like to put the good guys on the top and the bad guys on the bottom to keep historical characters separate yet close to their dates.

Would you like to add your own dates to a printable timeline? Mine is an interactive worksheet that you and your students can keep and use for years. You can make it part of your interactive notebook if you use a binder. This is an excellent option for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade history.

Choose one or two pages for a particular time period like World History and American History. See and download the timeline here.

Digital Interactive Grammar Worksheets: Writing And ESL Grammar Worksheets

So many times it is handy to have simple sentences for children to learn the basics of English Grammar. 

These grammar worksheets cover most of the normal grammar lessons and are great for ESL grammar exercises. (Remember the double negative.)

Personally, I think you'll love the diagramming sentences worksheets. 

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Interactive Lined Writing Paper

Many of our printable writing paper varieties are interactive as are our lined writing papers. Need to write a brochure or an announcement that goes to several people? Print your own message on a colorful back ground.

Need to make an individualized spelling list so that kids have the correct spellings to copy? Type the first word and let your students choose the color or colors they want to use to finish their copy work.

These are also wonderful for PDF bulletins, newsletters, and posters. We have scores of seasonal printable lined writing paper for you to use in school or as stationery.

Interactive Coloring Pages

Did you know that you can make a birthday card or a greeting card with a coloring page just by printing it using your printer's booklet setting or two up?

You can add names, notes, and numbers to our free printable interactive coloring sheets as in the top image on this page.

See our interactive kids coloring pages:

Buy 350 Kids Coloring Pages in One Bundle!

1. Buy All 350 Coloring Pages In One PDF Download. No ads.
2. Filed by topic.
3. Interactive and printable.
4. Great for Pre School and Kindergarten.

Digital Interactive Printables

Downloadable Kids Coloring Pages To Print $5.98


What Is An Interactive Notebook?

Homeschool and charter schools, who are more in control of the resources and methods they choose to use, keep interactive notebooks for their students.

These are different than worksheets that are interactive in that students collect notes, photos, and cards in a notebook like a scrap book or memory book, yet in their own files or in a printed notebook. Sometimes the interactivity is piecing related media together to create a multi-media project.

Usually these are spiral bound or composition notebooks; yet, if you use a binder, the notebook is expandable. Many binders have pockets on the inside and outside with these benefits:

  1. Cards, photos, drawings, and maps can be kept in the outside pockets like a book cover. 
  2. Handouts, charts, and flashcards can be kept in the inside pockets. 

Kids Digital Worksheets For School

Digital Worksheets For Homeschooling

You're ready to have your kids practice their math facts or phonics sounds and, "What?"

There is no paper? The ink ran dry?

No problem. 

Copy the printable worksheets to your child's files and have them fill out the worksheets digitally. Great for

  • Homework practice.
  • Daily practice.
  • Homeschool coops. You can all "be on the same page".

All our printables are digital homeschool worksheets.

Teachers And Parents: How To Use Digital Worksheets

Email Digital Worksheets To Your Students

Tired of waiting on the print room to bring your work?

Two day print room policy?

Everyone's got a Chrome book, tablet, phone, or computer anyway?

Email your students the link to these printable worksheets.

They can download them to their files and type on them there. Teachers use our worksheets for easy practice or homework. Or....

You Can Use Google Docs To Distribute Digital Worksheets At School

Being able to distribute digital worksheets to your students so each student will have his own copy is super handy. You can stop wasting paper using Google Docs.

Get the shareable link and edit the url to replace the edit phrase with copy. It doesn't change your original and each student can submit when they're ready or put them in their files.

PrintNPractice worksheets are already interactive so there's no converting necessary. :-)

How To Convert PDFs To Google Docs To Share Digital Worksheets

If you have other worksheets you want to use, Rex Molder gives the steps for converting PDFs to Google Docs here. It's not the same as using Google Drive.

Share with us how you use digital worksheets on my contact form.


4. See All Our Printable Interactive Worksheets

Ever since the fall of 2014 all our PrintNPractice bundles have been converted to interactive worksheets. We have:

 Printable Interactive Worksheets PDF Files

Author and Webmaster, Mary Fifer
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Mary Fifer, BSBA is webmaster, author, and researcher at She has created elementary school practice exercises using digital interactive worksheets. Printable and perfect for today's teachers, tutors, homeschoolers, and students!

Thank you for visiting and for sharing. :-)

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