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Printable Spelling Worksheets - Practice the spelling words three times each.Your children will learn as they copy the words on these worksheets.

Printable spelling worksheets help ensure that your children copy the words correctly when they're doing their spelling practice homework.

Help your children get the habit of spelling well.

Contains 672 pages of practice Spelling Worksheets.

See samples below.

Printable Spelling Worksheets Bundle697 Printable Spelling Worksheets

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Seven Levels of Spelling Worksheets And Spelling Lists

These K-6 spelling worksheets offer your kids practice spelling words three times each.

  • Buy the whole download to file all seven levels: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Each level has a teacher's spelling list of grade appropriate words.
  • Each level has spelling practice worksheets
  • K-3 levels have larger line spacing and manuscript.
  • Grades 4-6 levels have smaller spacing and cursive writing.

Some words have expanded spellings so your children learn affixes (prefixes and suffixes) at the same time.

Print and reprint as often as your students need practice.

PDF Interactive Spelling Worksheets

Great for teachers and parents.

You will receive these digital worksheets within minutes of your purchase.

After you teach the spelling and the rules for these words, you can print these for homework or memorywork.

  • No ink?
  • No paper?
  • No printer?
  • No problem. Children can type on these worksheets.

Copy the pages you assign to the children's computers or accounts so they can fill the answers and practice their spelling using a keyboard.

Excellent for distance learning, online classrooms, and remote learning packets.

Sample Printable Spelling Worksheets

Each level from Kindergarten through sixth grade has a teacher list for the whole year and includes manuscript worksheets that show the spelling for the children to copy three times. 

Each set has a teacher's list at the beginning (so it will look as if both files are the same - look at the file size or the number of pages).

  • K-3 have manuscript spelling worksheets.
  • 4-6 have cursive spelling worksheets.

2 Page Printable Teacher Spelling List Sample

Print this list double sided on card stock to keep in your binder year after year.

It is in a separate file from the Kindergarten spelling worksheets.

23 Page Matching Student Spelling Practice Worksheets Sample With Teacher List

This image shows a sample page of the spelling practice worksheets.

Click to see and print the whole set. 

122 Pages 4th-6th Grade Cursive Spelling Worksheets Sample With Teacher List

Click to see and print the whole 5th grade spelling list and worksheets. 

Printable Frequently Misspelled Words List and Worksheets

There are two files:

  • Misspelled Words Worksheets - For kids.
  • Misspelled Words List - For teachers and parents.

Printable Spelling Worksheets For Kids

These spelling worksheets include space to practice each word three times. Kids simply copy the words with the correct spelling at the top.

Each year's list has a truly new list of words unlike today's spelling systems that use the same list each year while adding a new suffix for subsequent years. 

You can print the teacher reference sheets on heavy paper or card stock to keep in your binder. 

This is great review and reinforcement of the correct spelling of words. The words from each grade level are from an old reader so that they are truly grade appropriate.

Hint: We did not simply add prefixes and suffixes to last year's list. Your students are learning new words each year. :-)

  • Practice each word three times.
  • Each level has a separate reference sheet for the teacher of that level's words.
  • Kindergarten Spelling. (23 pages)
  • 1st grade spelling words. (79 pages)
  • 2nd grade spelling words. (92 pages)
  • 3rd grade spelling words. (106 pages)
  • 4th grade spelling words. (138 pages)
  • 5th grade spelling words. (122 pages)
  • 6th grade spelling words. (98 pages)
  • Frequently misspelled words. (14 pages)

Once your children know the basic sounds they can practice their spelling words on the short vowel sounds worksheets.

Teach the phonics sounds and rules in the lower grades and then offer practice spelling the words on these worksheets.

Almost any child who knows the basics can learn any spelling words with sufficient practice.

Be sure to try this spelling trick: Old time teachers taught that the way to learn the correct spelling of words is to keep a personal spelling notebook of only the misspellings in their daily writing.

This way a student can review only the troublesome words from his own spelling word lists.

Why study words that you already know?

You'll enjoy having these lists for honest practice writing spelling words without the torture of guess and check. Enjoy!

Digital Interactive Printables

Printable Spelling Worksheets Download $9.98


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