FlashMaster Primary Math Game
Kids Zoom Through the Basic Math Facts

Short Demo: Primary Math Game

I love that the FlashMaster primary math game is self-contained and helps the kids practice the four basic operations:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division - and thereby fractions and decimals.

I love this treasure, our children love it, and I think that you'll love it too! See Chuck Resor's videos below that show how to use it.

The FlashMaster helps teach the Math tables fast and offers practice anywhere. It's super portable and the kids do not have to be online to use it.

A dear sweet friend of ours made us a little bag where we can keep both the booklet and the worksheets for recording your fastest times and the tables that you've conquered. That  was super handy and the booklet helps protect the buttons from being pushed inadvertently.

A self competitive child can do wonders with this by filling in the chart with the scores. Beating your score gets addictive. It has great Math software for mastering multiplication tables and makes a pile of fumbly flashcards obsolete.

Kids Learn Math Fast With A Flashmaster

One day we discovered that our six year old was learning to use the Flashmaster by himself all snuggled up on the couch. How? He knew the twelves table in division! He had not yet been taught division, so we were thrilled.

Actually, this sparked his older brothers and sisters to see this new trick and try to race against each others' scores. Thank you Chuck Resor for inventing the Flashmaster!

This primary Math game is recommended by wonderful parent resources such as A to Z Home's Cool homeschooling website, Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and PC Magazine.

My Experience Using This Electronic Math Flashcards Device

Chuck's advice to just play with it first was excellent. Not only did we see that most of the software was intuitive, but we didn't wind up making it a drill chore.

When I showed the kids that keeping their hands in the QWERTY position for typing practice made their time faster they were hard to convince at first, but when I showed them how much faster I could do it they jumped on board right away.

The timed Math drill is one of their favorite Math games, and is super in competition whenever their friends can gather to compete. The charts also make self-competition easy to see.

My daughter says that her favorite feature is one I didn't realize that it had, "When you're on a countdown, it has a pause button." Hmm :-)

One of my favorite features is the way the cover to the batteries has a lose-proof screw! No chance of losing the battery cover. On top of that is the portability and the fact that the student doesn't need to use the computer which can be so cumbersome, especially by the time it is booted and ready!

Chuck Resor: How To Use The Flashmaster

Chuch Resor created the FlashMaster and he explains how to use it in this video. 

Thank Chuck Resor For His Flashmaster Math Game

Flashmaster Primary Math Game

This primary Math game is easy to understand and operate. On their own, students master:

  • Addition: 0+0=0 through 9+9=18
  • Subtraction: 0-0=0 through 18-9=9
  • Multiplication: 0x0=0 through 12x12=144
  • Division: 0/1=0 through 144/12=12
  • No more than 10 minutes per day required of student
  • Minimal supervision required (none during practice)
  • "SEE RESULTS" key makes it easy to evaluate in detail, anytime and anywhere each of 9 latest "activities":
  • type of activity practiced: "Table: In Order”; “Table: No Order”; "Practice", "Test", "Flashcards", or "Special Problems"
  • arithmetic operation (+, -, ´, or ¸) practiced
  • number of the "Level" or "Table" from which problems generated
  • length of per-activity or per-problem time limit
  • number of problems attempted during activity
  • number and percentage of problems answered correctly
  • the order in which the activities were performed, etc.
  • Students motivated by automatic display of results at the end of each primary math game and by later "reviewability" of 9 activities by parent or teacher.
  • Extremely efficient use of students' time.
  • No time wasted by distracting computer games, by unnecessary keystrokes, or by tedious and time-consuming "rewards".
  • Usable anywhere and at any time the car, the kitchen, etc.
  • Turns on in an instant; useful even during TV commercials, etc.
  • 9 "Levels" for each arithmetic operation.
  • User can focus on problems that are currently most appropriate.
  • Minimal time wasted on problems that are too easy or too difficult.
  • Problems needing more practice presented more frequently.
  • Option to practice solely 15 recently-missed problems.
  • Option to practice solely 15 problems selected by user.
  • Time limits and displayed countdown of time limits motivate students to answer rapidly and instinctively.
  • 8 alternative per-activity time limits: 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, 150 & 180 seconds.
  • 10 alternative per-problem time limits: 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.6, 1.3, & 1 seconds.
  • Option of "hiding" from view the counting down of time limits.
  • Two introductory "table" activities do not use time limits.
  • Ability to give same test on numerous FlashMasters (same problems, same order).
  • Ability to turn off sound effects.
  • Immediate visual feedback on accuracy of each answer, but not in "Test" activity.
  • Correct answer displayed when problem missed twice in a row, but not in "Test" and "Flashcards" activities.
  • 3 possible "problem formats", for example: 1+2=?, ?+2=3, and 1+?=3.
  • Ability to decrease or increase how long correct and incorrect answers are displayed, resulting in speeding up or slowing down the pace of the FlashMaster. 
  • Ability to change sounds effects for correct and incorrect answers.

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Kids love Chuck Resor's FlashMaster Primary Math Game!
Kids love the FlashMaster primary math game!