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Saxon Math Homeschool Editions

I love the Saxon Math homeschool editions!

I've used both the older versions of Saxon Math as well as the homeschool editions and I'll never go back. This is a rare text book update that truly is much better than its older version.

How do I know? My sister-in-law and I sat together, one with the old version of Saxon Math 5/4 and the other with the homeschool textbook version.

We studied several chapters to compare them and then went through random pages, especially in the Mixed Practice. Not only were the lessons better, the instruction was also better.

  • There were more word problems, not fewer. This was so age appropriate for us that we've used the Math books as a measure of the children's reading skills.
  • Every ten lessons there's an Investigation. The Investigations teach Math related topics that most Math books assume a child knows, like measurement. The investigation teaches filling 2 tablespoons to show that it is the same as one ounce. Then to see that 8 ounces or 16 tablespoons are one cup. And so on, up through a full gallon. This was the best measurement exercise I've ever done and the children learned at-a-glance. 
  • The solutions manuals give the solutions not just the final answers. This is so helpful, not only to me trying to figure what the child missed; but also to the child especially when he can do his work self study style.

Saxon Math Worksheets

I have used several different math textbook companies's books throughout the last twenty years and, as far as I am concerned, the Saxon Math homeschool curriculum is the best all around.

  • The Saxon Math worksheets make this program stand out for me.
  • Saxon was the first set of math textbooks that I had seen that had worksheets so that the kids could practice the math facts and gain speed with just 5 minutes practice work per day.
  • One or two of our children really rose to the challenge to not only work faster, but also to get 100s.
  • I love the fact that its Math worksheets offer the practice and, newly, their CDs offer the instruction to go directly with the book.

Saxon Math Homeschool CDs

At first, ten years ago,  we were thrilled to use Dr. Shormann's DIVE CDs for Saxon Math. He sure taught the lessons well, and he taught useful shortcuts. These are excellent CDs for a super great price. See the DIVE here.

Saxon now has its own instructional DVDs which are a God send. They're even very useful for those who are beyond their school years - teachers and parents, too.

I can just imagine the giant help to ESL students. If your school is using Saxon Math, do yourself a favor and get the CDs for instruction and review. Repeat the lesson whenever your child needs it.

The difference between Saxon's CDs and the DIVE CDs is that Saxon Math was free to use its own curriculum since it owns the copyright.

This means that the examples and lessons are exactly the same as in the text books.

Dr. Shormann could not use the exact wording due to copyright issues, yet he sure taught the matter concisely. The DIVE is great for children who read well and can work on their own.

Saxon's CDs are super for children who need more help - even if just at the beginning of the year.

Saxon books and CDs are easy to buy at Amazon, especially since you can get both new and used books. You do not have to be a school or have a co-op.

We also have many homeschool friends who recommend them, several after having tried other programs.

Our own children have used Saxon, Math U See, Steck-Vaughn and other Math programs; and we compare all the rest to the achievements they have seen with Saxon. Our children learned more math with less effort and less work from us as teachers and parents.

Our older children have used several editions of the Math books that John Saxon put together from Math 5/4 through Algebra II and have done most of the work on their own using just the Saxon books and the DIVE CDs.

We are thrilled with the Math lessons the oldest two had learned by the time they were finished with the Algebra II books. We know many parents who have used the Manipulative Kit for Saxon Primary Math K-3 and the homeschool editions, we personally love the Saxon Math homeschool editions because they have the solutions manuals and the Math worksheets for practice and timed drills - very handy.

Hear What Saxon Math Says:

Saxon Math homeschool editions are a "total K-12 Math Solution. Saxon is the only major Math program on the market today that systematically distributes instruction, practice, and assessment throughout the academic year as opposed to concentrating, or massing, related concepts into a short period of time--usually within a unit or chapter. Saxon Math's unique approach to math instruction ensures that students not only gain but also retain essential math skills."

Primary Saxon Math K-4

The Saxon Math Homeschool kits for the primary grades have wonderful features;

  • A complete program in a kit
  • Balanced approach with manipulative opportunities and guided instruction
  • Students move from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstractHands-on approach with a DifferenceThe Saxon curriculum has, "all new concepts (that) are developed through hands-on activities and rich mathematical conversations that actively engage students in the learning process. Concepts are developed, reviewed, and practiced over time. Students move from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract...Why Saxon works
  • Daily mixed practice
  • Frequent, cumulative assessment
  • Opportunities for connections, communication, and justification Saxon Math, Intermediate 4 (Student Edition) for the middle grades transitions students from manipulatives and worksheets to a textbook approach. The emphasis in the middle grades is on developing algebraic reasoning as well as geometric concepts. Lessons include a new concept plus a review of previous concepts, and Investigations (God bless those Investigations!) give students a more in-depth treatment of math concepts. Available for middle and upper grades, a Solutions Manual gives step-by-step solutions for all problems in the book.

Saxon Math Homeschool Books Grades 3-5

John Saxon Author of Saxon Math Homeschool BooksJohn Saxon of Saxon Math Homeschool Books
  • Textbook-based program with embedded differentiated instruction
  • Problem solving, real world applications and meaningful hands on activities.
  • Students learn to reason, communicate and make connections.

The 5/4 Saxon Math Homeschool Kit is my favorite Math textbook of over fifteen different texts I've used. The text book, test booklets, solutions manual and worksheets are all included in the kit. Math 5/4 has such good definitions and introduction to real Math that, if your children only know the four Math operations, 5/4 will catch them right up to fourth and fifth grade Math skills. I would not skip Math 5/4 as it has the best glossary and really helps the children learn the Math terms.

When Saxon created the homeschool edition, it added the info from the teacher's manual that hadn't been in the previous editions of the textbooks. I can remember many years when our older children heard teacher say, "Study it from your text." That was so frustrating. The information was in her book but not in the students' books.

Saxon had originally intended that a teacher teach the material. Good enough, yet I think that teachers in classrooms would be as happy to have the homeschool editions as I and my friends are, simply because the student has the information available. Having the info in the student's book means fewer questions during class time.

I own and have used several editions of these books and am most grateful to have had Math 5/4 in the homeschool version. If you buy the Homeschool edition, you'll have the solutions manual, and timed worksheets so kids can practice the Math facts. There are timed addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division worksheets that you can use to help your students practice or build speed. The Saxon Math worksheets also have blanks to mark the minutes and grade.

Middle Grades Saxon Courses for Grades 6-8

  • Textbook-based program with embedded differentiated instruction
  • Algebraic thinking and in-depth problem solving
  • Students apply strategies and justify their thinking - Math 6/5: Home School Kit (Math 6/5 is right in line with 5/4, just bigger numbers and more complex uses - all very well explained and includes the Saxon Math worksheets.)

I so glad that John Saxon persevered in spite of many publishing difficulties. He finally wound up publishing these text books with his own money. His story is a wonderful story of a decorated American hero and mighty well educated mathematician who wanted to teach his students to be able to do what he had done in a brilliant career as fighter pilot and Math teacher.

When John Saxon created his original math text in 1979, he wanted a teaching method to help students better understand math. Since then, he continued to add new levels. Saxon's K-3 program is designed to teach basic arithmetic concepts as well as geometry, patterns, time, and more. Each lesson is scripted for the teacher or parent, which takes the guesswork out of teaching. 

I am so glad that he produced the Saxon Math homeschool editions. They've been super helpful to our family.

The Saxon Math worksheets are a real treasure the early years. On top of some of these benefits, my sister used my copy of Saxon's textbooks as she prepared for her teacher certification and I know others who have used them to understand their required course material in both high school and college.

Enjoy some common sense Math that you can buy at Amazon:

*New and Used Saxon Math curriculum Curriculum at Amazon.

*The Saxon Math Teacher DVDs teach exactly what the books teach.

*Art Reed has spent years teaching Saxon Math on videos.

*Dr. Shormann has a wonderful short version that is economical. 

And remember to use the Saxon Math worksheets for regular practice.