Mathway Calculator
And Math Problem Solver

Oh! I'll bet you'll wish you'd had the Mathway calculator when you were in school. I do.

Whether you're doing school at home or in a homeschool program, you will like the Mathway app.

Mathway Math Problem Solver

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As a matter of fact, you'll love using it with your children! It will be easier for you to correct or check their homework.

I love how their basic math problem solver lets you try it first to see how it makes math easy before you buy. It's perfect for elementary school.

You enter your own problems to find the answers.

  • Search the website for the app you need.
  • I have found their support to be quick and responsive.
  • If you like it, buy it. 
  • If you want to have the program on your computer, buy it and download it.
  • You can upgrade the apps subscription.
  • It's like having a math tutor on tap.

I give some hints and directions in the examples below. You and your students can try it free of charge below, or use their 7 day free trial for a free Mathway account to see if you want to buy it.

Use these links to jump down to the math solver you want on this page. 

  1. Basic Math Problem Solver
  2. Pre-Algebra - With Square Root Calculator
  3. Algebra - With Square Roots
  4. Trigonometry
  5. Precalculus
  6. Calculus
  7. Statistics
  8. Using The Mathway Free Trial With Steps
  9. My Experience Using The Mathway

Free Online Math Calculator

At first, I had no idea how the Mathway app worked. I had to try it myself. So many people are searching for it. What is it?

You'll be happy to know that my opinion is that anyone can do it if I can.

You'll like that you can use these free calculators at the images below, or you can buy the program; so that you do not even need to use the internet. Hm....

That way your children can work on their math assignments without using the internet or being on the web. A real plus!

Why? The big answer is that it shows the steps

  • It will show your kids the steps in the answers in Mathway's step by step corrections so they can actually learn the method.
  • Mom and Dad now have math homework help to see how to do the work. Simply enter your questions and press the Answer bar.

There are many other levels, too:

Here's How The Mathway Calculator Works:

Enter your Basic Math problems in the beige space and press the bar for the answer. Click, you've got it. 

1. Mathway Basic Math Calculator

Copy and paste this equation (no need to use the keyboard) or choose your own equation:


Click the Answer bar to see the solutions.

Mathway Basic Math Calculator

Scroll down to see Mathway's Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus and Statistics.

2. Pre-Algebra Calculator - With Square Roots

Copy and paste or choose your own equation to simplify:


You can also use the online graphing calculator or worksheet software after you get your answer. Click the image to solve the problem.

Mathway Pre-Algebra Calculator

3. Algebra Calculator - With Square Roots

Copy and paste or choose your own equation:


Being able to find square roots is so handy! You need an exponents chart or this program, as there is no easy formula for finding roots.

You can also use the online graphing calculator or worksheet software after you get your answer, or try the MathWay free trial. Click the following image to use the app and simplify the equation.

Mathway Algebra Calculator

Isn't that great?! How cool is that?!

4. Trigonometry Calculator

Enter your equation:

You can also use the online graphing calculator or Math worksheet software. Click the logo below to use the Mathway program.

Mathway Trigonometry Calculator

5. Precalc Calculator And Problem Solver

Enter your basic calculus equation:

You can also use the online graphing calculator after you get your answer. Click to use Mathway pre-Calculus problem solver.

Mathway Pre-Calculus Calculator

6. Online Calculus Calculator

Enter your calculus equation below.

Mathway Calculus Calculator

7. Mathway Statistics Problem Solver

Mathway Statistics Calculator

Use The Mathway Calculator 7 Day Trial

You'll find that it is worth it to take a moment to figure how to use Mathway's nifty online Math calculator.

Use the 7 day trial to see if you like it.

There are several levels and each level has a square root calculator, Math worksheet software, and a free online graphing calculator. I love their parent company name, Bagatrix. Cute.

Use the tabs to change levels.

  • Math Problem Solver - Use the symbols and your keyboard to enter your equations. Use the asterisk for multiplication. *
  • Math Worksheet Software - See the worksheet maker after you View Steps (you can also purchase the ad free version at this point).
  • Square Root Calculator - Click the icon on the calculator for square roots or cubed roots and add your numbers to the formula that shows in the beige area.
  • Online Graphing Calculator - This is also a free online graphing calculator for those who are graphing equations for Algebra, etc.

Free Online Graphing Calculator

It's also a free online graphing calculator.

Just choose the level you like (Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, or Calculus) and then choose the Graph or Worksheets tabs at the top for the type of Math (tabs again) that you like.

You can sign up to use the Mathway basic Math program without ads and to quickly View Steps. It also has a great square root calculator for each level.

Once you've clicked the answer button, click on the View Steps button above to see the low Mathway prices.

Also, you'll also have an awesome interactive

  • online Math Glossary, 
  • Graphing Calculator and 
  • Worksheet Generator. 
  • And again, NO ads.

Our Experience Using The MathWay Calculator

Um. Let's just say that we are ecstatic to have found this online Math calculator.

Oh! How we wish we had found it when our oldest children had been going through school. Um. Let me take that back.

I wish I had had it myself when I was in school.

You can type or you can also copy and paste problems into the open field - I found copying and pasting very handy.

This is very handy when you're helping your children with their homework. After you enter the problem, even a simple one, you'll see a link that says "View Steps" and from there you can also view the Mathway prices or click here to buy it so that you do not have to be online to use it.

Although... I am very happy to have you return here time after time to use MathWay for free.

Send your friends. Share on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to help them with their math problems - and, thank you for trying the Mathway Calculator 7 day trial.

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