The Phonics Road To English Grammar
Phonics and Writing Worksheets For Kids

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I am so very glad to recommend Mrs. Barbara Beers' Phonics Road to English Grammar. It is the best way that I have seen for teachers and parents to learn the explicit method of teaching phonics and English grammar.

As a matter of fact, from what I have seen, Mrs. Beers has the best "seminar in a box" for teaching all of the K-6 Language Arts and Language Arts instruction the way that Dr. Orton and Romalda Spalding did. I've just spoken with a long time friend who agrees - both of us have searched for Spalding help for over twenty years and agree that Mrs. Beers puts it all in a box. Turn on the video and turn the page to the next worksheet. Excellent.

Teachers, parents, and older students can use the four volumes to improve their teaching and language arts skills. How do we know? I've used them, my children have used them, and I've seen the respected reviews of Cathy Duffy, Mary Pride, and others such as The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Reviews.

Here is what Schola Publications itself says:

"Great spellers are ALWAYS great readers, but great readers are often weak spellers! This is because most curricula emphasize some level of the whole-word method to teach reading, believing that if a child can read, spelling will take care of itself. I contend that spelling is a logical preliminary skill to reading.

The PHONICS Road to Spelling and Reading is a complete K-4 curriculum offering the parent a comprehensive video teacher training text with an emphasis on accurate speaking, spelling, writing, reading, grammar, composition, and preparation for The LATIN Road to English Grammar. We invite you to view our products, read our frequently-asked questions (FAQ), request a brochure and sample DVD, and take advantage of our special price for Level One."

They also say:

"The PHONICS Road to Spelling and Reading provides an enjoyable and fun presentation of the material, learning to build the English language in the same way a carpenter learns to build a house. Throughout the study, the parent/teacher is the Foreman, guiding the student through various skill levels. The student is an Apprentice for the first three years, then becomes a Journeyman in the 4th year as he prepares for The LATIN Road to English Grammar.

The Apprentice begins by learning the tools of his trade - single vowels and consonants, vowel teams and consonant teams. After these tools are mastered, the Apprentice uses them to build words according to the Blueprints (spelling list).

Along the way the Foreman shows that words are formed according to Building Codes (spelling rules). Rules are set to songs - Rule Tunes - for easy memorization."

Mrs. Barbara Beers at Schola Publications uses the proper grammar rules and the grammar definitions as she teaches the handwriting and phonics necessary for spelling and composition! She makes it seem so easy and she teaches you to do the same! Older students can self-teach!

Our motto is:

Say it! Write it! Repeat it!

Be sure to practice what she teaches! :-) The price of the complete set is way less than the cost of a seminar, much less the travel! Also, if you have consecutive students there are only the minor costs of replacing the handwriting worksheets and such. Once you learn the concepts they are easy to teach since they make so much sense!

We recommend Schola products for Phonics activity ideas, handwriting worksheets (included), learning the correct spelling of words, and English grammar lessons. Nearly every concept that the Language Arts cover is covered in these courses. The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading by Barbara Beers has a complete workbook, worksheets and the DVDs teach the teacher, parent, or tutor phonics, composition and grammar in one organic whole.

Search for her Latin Road to English Grammar for higher levels.

See this Old Schoolhouse Magazine review of Mrs. Barbara Beers’' Schola Publications stellar products and this article on the importance of learning Latin on her higher levels in The Latin Road.