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Site Build It ReviewMy Site Build It Review

I'm writing a Site Build It review for your sake. Why? Gratitude. Plain and simple. 

Hi, I'm Mary Fifer webmaster here at PrintNPractice since 2009.

I would like to thank Sitesell for teaching me how to build a website from the ground up. No experience and no extra high priced courses.  Even our high school children were able to learn and do.

Actually, Sitesell has begun to teach that our sites do not exist merely to be sites or to draw traffic; but to ultimately be a business that draws income. They've rebranded as Solo Build It (SBI), appealing to the individual who wants to build a business not just a website.

You can build your business website yourself. You can work "solo", yet you're not "alone". You'll have:

  • Step by step Action Guide instructions.
  • Sitesell's professional Support staff, free with membership.
  • Friendly forums for SBI website owners.

2018 Site Build It Cum Solo Build It Updated Review

If you run your own site, or want to, how will you deal with major search engine shifts and changes in international law? I know how I will. With Sitesell's help.

Why do I update this page?

I find it frustrating to see that there are fake reviews directing webmasters away from such a wonderful product. Beware.

This page is my witness to you. Enjoy!

2011 Google's Panda Algorithm

When webmasters realized that they could steal other people's info or simply write poor pages, lots of them, Google cleaned it up with their Panda algorithm. 

Sitesell had been teaching SBIers to avoid writing PAP for years. Some did, but SBI was right there to show how to undo the bad and improve the good. 

At first Panda was only updated every few months, now it's a part of the algo; so there aren't big swings anymore, yet it's excellent at catching the PAP - even per page. There have been some Panda come backs simply due to the algo settling or fixing false negatives.

2012 Google's Penguin Algo

A similar thing had happened with links. Google caught the link spammers with its Penguin algorithm. It still catches webmasters today and Sitesell is constant in its advice how to avoid drawing or making artificial links. "Keep it real."

Again, in general there have been some come backs simply due to the Penguin algo settling or fixing false negatives.

2015-2017 Solopreneurs Building Their Own Sites

Realizing that many of us do not realize that we're building a business when we build a website, Ken Evoy, the owner of Sitesell, started showing us step by step that we need to focus on building our own business, to focus on building ONE business (at a time anyway).

This is a great reminder for you, too. If you have a site, what is it's goal? Is it to build a business? If so, keep that in mind. I'm so glad that Ken brought this to our attention and shifted focus from building a site to building a business: from Site Build It to Solo Build it -  a focus on solopreneurs building their businesses piece by piece as I am doing.

Solo? Yes. I'm on my own "alone" in my business, yet I have wonderful support at Sitesell.

2016 - 2018 GDPR: What is the GDPR?!

International Law

This is not about Google at all. It's about European law. Affecting. Everyone.

HTTPS Conversion

As Ken and Sitesell observed the implementation of websites using https instead of http, he saw that its use was "for real". And growing.

At no extra charge Sitesell developed the way and tools for SBIers like me to understand what we needed to do to convert our sites to https. There's no other way I'd have been able to get that done as early as fall 2017.

GDPR Compliant

Whew! Who would have known?

My site being https was the first step, the minimum necessary to become GDPR compliant on May 25, 2018.

Guess what? Sitesell has given me the tools and instruction to be able to make this site compliant!

I am so excited! It took many hours of work that last week, yet now I am ready to not only meet the EU law, I'm ready to help anyone preserve their personally identifiable information. See my privacy policy for the links and the tools.

How I Found SBI For This Site

When I built my first SBI website, I had built it with a product already in mind. I didn't make use of SBI's full traffic gathering benefit.

As I used the tools back then I could see that, if I were able to start a site from the ground up using the Action Guide, there could be way more potential in a second site.

So. I am building a second website. This one. It's in its baby stages, yet it has so much potential.

Through the years, and because I followed the SBI process, I could see that this site concept had a better opportunity down the road and I love it. I love teaching.

If you use the SBI instructions and tools, you will have a similar opportunity. The potential is here.

My Site Build It Review By Topic

  1. Site Build It Tutorials And Magical SBI Case Studies
  2. The Forums at SBI
  3. Sitesell Reviews And Improves Website Tools
  4. Five Star Solo Build It Support
  5. Using Site Build It For Over Ten Years
  6. Improving Website Traffic
  7. Growing Product Sales
  8. Our Children Learned SBI

You Can Build A Website That Earns Traffic And Money - $

  1. Are you looking for a way to add to your family's income or quit working overtime?
  2. Wanting to build a family business that your children can inherit?
  3. Looking for some extra cash? College money, travel, breathing room? All while working at your own speed from home?
  1. Building my sites stopped my husband having to work overtime. 
  2. Our children helped build and understand how to run the sites in the future.
  3. The income from my sites has enabled our family of ten to travel to several "real" family vacations of honeymoon quality.

What Attracted Me To SBI?

I remember my sister reviewing her experience with me using SBI's tutorials, tools, forums, and support. She was certain that I could build a site myself without having to study to keep current at adding plug-ins, reading blogger info, or having to learn code.

How did I feel? I was very skeptical at first. Could I trust SBI? Could I trust myself to commit?

I know you've felt the same way. How can you get to where you want to go, when you do not have proof or do not yet trust SBI? You simply need to settle the doubt.

Here's what I found: When my sister shared a link during one of Sitesell's sales promising a 100% money back guarantee, I thought it was time to give this a try. 

Long story short?

I am so happy that I bought SBI and have built this site. If you're looking for a way to build a website to help your business, I heartily recommend using Sitesell's Solo Build It! You can build a business one step at a time, which is much better than building a static site. Review what I've seen yourself in the stories below.

These are my favorite reasons for using SBI:

1. Site Build It Stories And Action Guide Tutorial

You'll love the stories! I did.

There were so many real life stories of people building their own websites that I was intrigued if I could do more.

How could I build a website?

Do you know how to play the game of Battleship? At each move you're taking a poke in the dark as to where the other player's ships are.

Well, that was me. I could not tell what was a link and what was not. Text or image.

Once I watched Sitesell's Action Guide, though, I had a much better idea of what I could do. 

Nearly ten years later, my opportunities are much greater.

SBI Case Studies

Sitesell posts case studies so you can read real stories about real websites that were earning traffic.

Traffic is what I sought. 

With my first website, I already had had my product and had beaten the bookstore path. I'd worked long enough to realize that I did not have the time and the finesse to gain sales that way. Sending letters and free samples through snail mail was getting expensive.

SBI's case studies were very convincing.

SBI Results Page

Here was another jewel. I could see scores and scores of honest and successful Site Build It websites in many different fields.

Not just stories. Stats. These sites are among the top websites in the world. 

I was getting the idea that perhaps I really could build a website with a larger site concept.

I also remember when they updated the results page and were astonished at how much better SBI sites were doing than they had expected. It was a fun moment.

SBI Action Guide

The SBI Action Guide was one of the reasons I bought in the first place. We'd had two high school children who were interested in the internet. Their interest helped us decide to build another site. 

The Action Guide is also what kept us working. It showed us how to choose a topic that searchers wanted and how to focus traffic to our own sales pages. There was plenty of prep work, yet the steps were all there.

The AG spelled out the steps necessary for me to learn and execute. Like a list of things to do. 

I watched it first while taking a few notes. This took me nearly two weeks as the only time I had for learning something new was between 10 and 11 pm at night, after homework and before hubby got home from second shift.

Then I opened the AG and a second window to "do" the steps. It took me over a month to get half way finished through the steps, yet doing the early steps well has saved me heartaches over the years. It's worth it to spend extra time laying the foundation well. I've made mistakes, yet even my little site draws more traffic than some professional sites I've seen. Way cool.

Some of the steps took only 30 seconds in the AG, yet took an hour or two to execute. No problem. I'd just pause the video and do the work before pressing play to move to the next step.

2. Sitesell Reviews And Improves Its Website Tools

What's particularly good about SBI is how it updates its offerings for no additional cost. 

BB1: SBI's Original Website Block Builder

Through the years Sitesell has reviewed its tools and improved the way you can build a site. As a matter of fact, this is why they've moved toward calling it Solo Build It. You can, you literally can build a business if you use Sitesell's tools.

At first I had started to learn to use HTML, so that I could have a fancier design than SBI's original block builder (BB1) offered. It was very helpful to me and worked for gaining both traffic and sales.

BB2: Solo Build It's New Block Builder

When SBI brought out their new Site Builder, (BB2), I decided to convert all of my pages from html to BB2. It came ready for Sitesell to be able to make constant code upgrades. Or however that's worded. I would not have to "keep up" with the fire hose stream of coding information, because BB2 would be updated continuously.

This makes it so that you would not have to continually worry about adding, updating, or changing complicated codes. I love it!

I am so glad that I switched.

Now my site can stay updated without my always having to rework each page. So many improvements are now automatic.

It is now so easy to update info on your pages that within two minutes you can sign in and correct typos or provide current information. You can tweak every little detail without having to know codes; details like space around images, line sizes and heights, fonts sizes, whole site design changes, and much more.

3. The SBI Forums And Selling Downloads

I learned to put worksheets online.

I'd already built a successful website. It sold CDs to a very narrow market.

I could also see that the potential for a website was much larger than what I'd already accomplished. 

The Action Guide showed us how to create, post, and sell our own downloads, yet it was in the forums where I had new friends who could help with their opinions and ideas.

Because I learned from Ashley and William in the SBI forums how to sell downloads for our first site, the downloads way outsell the CDs. Now for my second site, I only sell downloads. You can too.

So, back to this site: I was able to add worksheets to my list of products which became the inspiration for PrintNPractice.

The owner himself, Ken Evoy, keeps tabs in the forums and participates right with the rest of us. I remember the first time he offered words of wisdom and encouragement to me. What an encouraging moment!

SBI's forums are very friendly. You'll love them. You'll also learn from others who are building their own websites. They share their experiences and and can help you understand how to improve your own website. Yourself.

4. Five Star Solo Build It Support - Free

My Site Build It Review also extends to Sitesell's excellent support. What's more?

It's free!

You'll have professional Support 24/7/365. At no extra cost outside the annual fee. It's all included in the total package.

They call it Solo Build It now, yet you will not be alone. 

Whenever you need technical support, or even just want to ask a question about how certain tools work Support is there. Support has answered my emails within 2-24 hours. Not just the automatic responder. That arrives instantly.

You'll have live personnel answering your questions within 24 hours, or a note saying when they expect to answer. Some answers require communication with techs.  

I've even asked about possible ideas for my site. Sitesell's Support answers with excellent step by step instructions and friendly suggestions. 

5. Using Site Build It For Over Ten Years

I've been using Sitesell's website builder since 2008. They've made so many improvements it's hard to think which is my favorite. 

BB1 was wonderful for me. Step by baby step, turtle speed, helpful.

Learning html in the SBI forums, taught me about using includes and making site wide design changes.

BB2 has done both, so my sites are more beautiful and useful.

They're changing their emphasis from just building a site to teaching you to build a business. In the end that's what you really want: the best way to draw traffic to sales and service pages. That's why they're using Solo Build It for the SBI abbreviation now.

6. Site Build It Review: Improving Site Traffic

Through the ups and downs of gaining and losing traffic through the years, I've learned to take the SBI Action Guide way more seriously. 

As a result, I've improved my sites so they are even more useful today.

They are also growing in traffic.

You can tell by putting into the traffic tool at This is a great way to compare sites (three per day free).

7. Site Build It Review: Growing Product Sales

I monetize with Adsense and Amazon, yet the biggest money comes from our PrintNPractice downloads.

I even have affiliates. And pay them, too. :-)

I care about students just as I care about my future grandchildren, so I want them to have free printable worksheets at any time. 

What's neat, though, is that teachers and families like to buy the whole bundle of worksheets all together. This way they can organize their files so much easier and they do not have to be online. 

Win. Win. 'Easy for parents and teachers. 'Worth the work for me.

SBI has been an investment for me that earns me income even though I work less and less on the site as time passes. 

8. Our Children Learned With SBI

This one is near and dear to my heart. 

Several of our children have learned many aspects of SBI. They grew to be web savvy long before I ever dreamed they could. They learned what they did and did not like about working online. They learned to use programs like Adobe and Excel.

We homeschool, so SBI was a perfect fit. Our kids were learning online skills in the most useful way possible. It's an excellent online homeschool computer science course for kids.

They can start an online business themselves. No problem. SBI is what I'd recommend to my own children.

Affiliate Note:

I earn a commission, but did not write this just to make money. I want to share my experience as an option to fake reviews about Sitesell. Don't waste time starting your online business, like I did.

You can realize that SBI is a business opportunity much sooner than I did. I use SBI and love it. Be encouraged. If I can do it, you can, too.

Of course, be sure that you get proof from any company's claims. Check the figures so you don't rely on hearsay or old stories. Sitesell did a study that has the proof. You can find it in the study that they shared on their blog, but SBI! provides so many kinds of proof beyond that.

Solo Build It Success!

Sitesell completed a comprehensive study to see how Solo Build It sites fare compared to other site builders. You'll be amazed that on average, SBI! placed 3,300% (that's 33 times) more sites into the top brackets at Alexa and Semrush. That's third party proof enough for me.

Looking for proof?

Needing to see results?

Ask your questions at SBI here.

Want to contact me personally?

Site Build It Works

Back to the game of Battleship. 

If I can build a website, not knowing what a link was; you can rest assured that the Solo Build It process works. "It's a hit!"

Be encouraged. You're reading this. You're interested. You can do it too.

Try the 100% guarantee at Solo Build It for 90 days and follow the Action Guide.

Best regards!


Solo Build It!

Review SBI Yourself

Author and Webmaster, Mary Fifer
Mary Fifer (Webmaster,

Mary Fifer, BSBA is webmaster, author, and researcher at She has created elementary school practice exercises using digital interactive worksheets. Printable and perfect for today's teachers, tutors, homeschoolers, and students!

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