Capitalization Worksheets
Rules For Capitalizing PDF List

Capitalization Worksheets40+ capitalization worksheets for sentences, poetry, titles, and punctuation.

PrintNPractice printable capitalization and punctuation worksheets have the capitalization rules at the top of the page which helps kids understand which are the important words in writing. Simply review the rules for each set.

Help your elementary to middle school students learn how to capitalize with our printable worksheets and list of rules of capitalization below.

Choose Manuscript or Cursive versions to print:

  1. Rules of Capitalization PDF
  2. Capitalizing Nationalities
  3. Capitalizing Poetry
  4. Capitalizing Proper Nouns
  5. Sentence Capitalization and Punctuation
  6. Capitalizing I and O
  7. Capitalizing Titles
  8. Capitalizing Company Names
  9. More Capitalization Rules

1. PDF Printable Capitalization Rules

Capitalize the first letter of:

  • Every sentence.
  • Every line of poetry.
  • Proper names of persons, places, days and such.
  • Titles of religion, honor, or distinction.
  • Words of nationality.
  • Most words derived from proper nouns.
  • The letters I and O when used as words.

And sometimes:

  • Words of special importance.
  • Emphatic words, phrases and clauses.

The rules for capitalization are the guidelines for using upper case letters in the written word.

Capitalization Worksheets With Rules

The word capital means head, top, first or most important. The first word in a sentence is the capital word. The top, or most important, letter of an important word is the first letter.

Kids can memorize the definition and rules; yet often forget to capitalize the most basic words.

Capitalization worksheets work well when children copy short sentences or lists. So many times other capitalization and punctuation exercises never ask the children to write real sentences.

PrintNPractice worksheets give your children practice putting both capitals and punctuation in the right places.

2. Nationality Capitalization Worksheets



3. Poetry Capitalization And Punctuation Worksheets

We have lots more R.L. Stevenson poetry worksheets here. Kids can practice both capitalization and punctuation by copying poetry in either manuscript or cursive writing.

4. Capitalization of Proper Names Worksheets

5. Sentence Capitalization And Punctuation Worksheets

Practice capitalizing the first letter in a sentence and putting punctuation at the end of a sentence.

6. Capitalization Worksheets: I And O

The words I and O are so small that it is a good thing they're capitalized as we might lose them as we read. O is often written as Oh and they are both capitalized at the beginning of a sentence or exclamation.

There are also other examples of how to capitalize in these sets.

7. Capitalization Worksheets: Titles 

Capitalize the first letter in the titles of prominent people and their abbreviations. 

8. Company Capitalization Worksheets

If you want a pure capitalization list for the children to copy, they can learn to capitalize and spell the names of common companies by going to our check writing page to see how to write the names we would put in checks.

Kids love it if you print the "checks" on colored paper so they look like real checks.

9. More Rules of Capitalization

Also, in general, emails should not use all-caps or extra exclamation marks as these are frequently marked as spam messages by computer security systems. Other people think that one is upset or meaning to yell when all the letters in a subject or title are capitalized. 

Also all-caps text is harder to read.

The only "words" that use capital letters, or upper case letters, in the middle or at the end of the word are fabricated computer related words or commercialized words like YouTube. Otherwise the capitalization rules forbid using capital letters in the middle of words.

Most capital letters are simply larger versions of the lower case letters. If you're looking for more capitalization worksheets check out our alphabet worksheets.

Also, we are to only capitalize words that are used as nouns or are used in noun phrases and noun clauses, as with book titles.

Verbs and other parts of speech are not normally capitalized.

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