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Choose a geometry formula sheet below for the formulas you're using. Geometry shows the relation of an object to the space around it. 

Kids love geometry when they know these equations are so useful. Having the equations on a poster makes them easy to remember. See more topics below the posters.

Geometric Formulas

List Of Math Area Formulas

List of Math Volume Formulas

Printable Geometry Formula Sheets

There is a real measurement that we can take of a figure so as to use that measurement to build good buildings, sew frugally, and plan interior design or landscapes. Print or download a PDF geometry formula sheet for:

  1. Area and Perimeter
  2. 3 D Surface Area
  3. Volume

Geometry For Kids

In the case of Math formulas it is good to find how the formula is derived. Once the understanding is there the memorizing is easy or even unnecessary.

It is easier to understand the surface area of a cone if one understands that it is half the area of a circle with the measurements of the conical shape plus the area of the circle that forms the base of the cone. This is easy to see when you show a half circle of paper folded into a cone over the base piece of paper.

It is also easy to see that the circumference of the base circle is also 1/2 the circumference of the top circle.

1. Basic Geometry Formulas

List Of Math Perimeter Formulas

The perimeter of a figure is the distance or length of a line around the figure. Simple addition can find the distance. See the equations on our printable geometry formula sheet. These are the basic geometry formulas for perimeter:

  • Square Perimeter side + side + side + side = Perimeter of a Square; s+s+s+s=P; 4*s=P
  • Rectangle Perimeter length + width + length + width = Perimeter of a Rectangle; l + w + l + w = P; 2l + 2w = P
  • Parallelogram Perimeter length + width + length + width = Perimeter of a Parallelogram; l + w + l + w = P; 2l + 2w = P
  • Trapezoid Perimeter length + width + length + width = Perimeter of a Trapezoid; l + w + l + w = P; 2l + 2w = P
  • Triangle Perimeter side + side + side = Perimeter of a Triangle; s+s+s=3s; 3s=P
  • Circle Perimeter = Circumference twice the radius x pi = Circumference of a Circle; 2pir=P

A geometry synonym is Earth measuring and it measures lengths, areas, and volumes.

Even simple backyard projects are helped by knowing the relations between shape and size.

Euclidean Geometry is the study of the axioms formulated by the Greek philosopher named Euclid. His book Elements has been the main textbook for teaching Mathematics from nearly 300 BC till the early 20th century.

Euclid starts with definitions and makes propositions and theories from them. It is a very concise book if you happen to be able to get a copy of it (you can try Amazon). Euclid's Geometry is a member of the Great Books sets, too. We base each of our basic geometry formula sheets on his work.

2. List Of Math Area Formulas

The surface Area of a plane covers the plane from side to side on a two dimensional surface. Remember to convert measurements to the same units of measurement. Measurements in one kind of unit give give the answer as that unit squared since unit x unit = u2; u*u=u2; Inches x inches = inches2; in x in = in2

These are the basic geometry formulas for Area:

  • Square Area length of side x length of side = Area of a Square; s*s=A; s2
  • Rectangle Area length x width = Area; lw=A
  • Parallelogram Area base x height = Area; bh=A
  • Trapezoid Area h/2(b1 + b2
  • Circle Area pir2 = Area of a Circle
  • Elipse Area pir1r2 = Area of an Elipse
  • Triangle Area half of base x height = Area of a Triangle; bh/2=A; (lw/2)
  • Equilateral Triangle Area square root of 3 divided by 4 x side squared = Area of an Equilateral Triangle; √3/4(s2)

Our printable multiplication and worksheets are a first step in learning regular sided perimeter, area, and volume formulas. Find our multiplication worksheets here.

3. List Of Math Volume Formulas

The Volume of a figure measures what the figure holds when filled, even with air. Again, remember to convert measurements to the same units. Since three measurements are involved, volumes will be given in cubed units. Unit x unit x unit = u3. u*u*u=u3; Inches x inches x inches= inches3; in x in x in = in3

These are the basic geometry formulas for Volume:

  • Cube Volume a square squared; side x side x side = Volume of a Cube; side3=V
  • Rectangular Cube Volume height x length x width = Volume of a Rectangular Cube; hlw=V
  • Pyramid Volume (1/3) base x height = Volume of a Pyramid; 1/3bh=V
  • Cone Volume One third the base x height = Volume of a Cone; (1/3)bh=V
  • Sphere Volume Four thirds x pi x radius cubed = Volume of a Sphere; 4/3pir3=V

See our free Math Dictionary that has all the information found in our geometry formula sheets. It's a PDF, too, so you can print it or view it from a tablet or phone.

My Favorite Printable Math Geometry Worksheets

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Math Mammoth by Maria Miller: Math Worksheets Curriculum!Maria Miller's Math Mammoth Math curriculum worksheets.

You can also benefit by using Mathway as it has a geometry online calculator. You enter the problem and Mathway finds the answer

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