80+ Fun Multiplication Worksheets

Fun Multiplication Worksheets For Kids: Graphs, practice worksheets, flash cards, and videos.These fun multiplication worksheets make practice easy!

Kids Practice Multiplication In Five Minutes Without Pressure

You can use our fun multiplication worksheets to give your kids a head start with multiplication.

How? With easy practice. Print these printable worksheets so your kids can practice the right equations and learn them the right way first. 

First, practice multiplication, then drill and review.

We also have fun multiplication charts and flash cards below. The PDF format is easy to print, file, and answer.

First comes skip counting then come charts and quizzes. This is a huge page with scores of printable worksheets. Scroll to see:

  1. Skip Counting Worksheets: Fun multiplication and practice counting money.
  2. Multiplication Table Videos: Goes to a fun page with twelve videos.
  3. Fun Multiplication Worksheets: Copy equations three times. Say it. Write it.
  4. Multiplication Table Charts: Three grid charts: reference, copy, blank.
  5. Multiplication & Division 2in1: Both for reference and copy practice.
  6. Multiplication QuizzesMixed order to 12. Classical Conversations to 15. 
  7. Multiplication Chart Quizzes: The chart is at the top. Children use the grid.
  8. Printable Multiplication Flash Cards: Print with or without answer, or both.
  9. Large Multiplication Charts/Posters: Clip board or poster, landscape or portrait.

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Printable Math Worksheets For Fun Multiplication

1. Fun Multiplication Worksheets: Skip Counting

Using skip counting worksheets is a great way to introduce the multiplication facts and to review the facts well.

These are super for making the transition from addition to multiplication for younger students. Older students can use them as a refresher, although you might like using one of the charts further below for review.

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Learning the multiplication tables is actually fun. The ones are simply counting and the twos are simply doubles in addition. You'll love these multiplication worksheets because they're easy and kids actually learn something without wasting their time.

If you teach the multiplication tables in order with these fun multiplication worksheets, many of your students will simply "catch on". Then simply repeat for reinforcement and mastery.

Show your kids that it is a giant help to know how to multiply so one can easily make change at the store. Knowing how to skip count by fives makes counting nickles easier and learning to tell time easier. You'll also find that this is a great time to teach telling time.

2. Multiplication Table Videos - Multiplication Practice

Go to this page on our site to see our twelve ad-free practice multiplication videos. They're great for 3rd grade multiplication practice.

There are nice notes for help teaching multiplication like doubles for the twos and dozens for the twelves. Learning multiplication is even easier if the children will write what they see while they say the terms out loud.

You can bookmark these pages for kids' practice. I do. 

Fun Multiplication Worksheets To Print

Say it! Write it! Repeat it!

3a. 2nd Grade Multiplication Practice Worksheets

These fun multiplication practice worksheets are the star of the show. These are your most helpful activities for teaching multiplication.

When the children say and write their equations three times, repeating as they go; they learn their tables much faster. Our kids loved these from when they learned addition and subtraction, so they were a natural for learning to multiply.

Use one of these per day with little ones, and add one or two other multiplication worksheets from below per day for your older kids. Sometimes they will have a favorite, so be sure to print it, too.

The work is simple and it combines thinking and writing as they copy the equations, especially if they say the equations out loud. I love that the children have the equation there to copy with the correct answer for practice and I think that this is super important for beginners.

Grading is easy, just make sure each copied line is the same as the first line. See 3b below to get them in one bundle and to see a printable reference chart of all 144 equations.

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3b. Multiplication Practice Worksheets and Chart 

These fun multiplication worksheets are printable in one download. They're the same as those above, but you can keep these all together in one file for future multiplication practice.

4. Printable Multiplication Table And Blank Multiplication Table

Use a printable multiplication table for learning and for reference.

  1. The black multiplication table is a great reference chart.
  2. The grey multiplication table worksheet can be used by beginners or those who might be overwhelmed by seeing the blank multiplication chart. Children simply trace the numbers. Have them say the equations as they go or use it skip counting practice. Copywork.
  3. Print the blank multiplication table for practice or as a quiz.

A chart is my favorite skip counting worksheet. These show the times tables through twelve and kids can "see it" at-a-glance.

5. 12 Fun Multiplication Worksheets With Division

This is a trick that we found in an old book of Math lessons called Practical Arithmetic: teach the multiplication and division facts together. This cuts the memory work in half!

You'll love this for first and second grade and it's super review for 3rd and 4th grade Math.

If this is confusing at first, teach the multiplication facts separately first as above, yet before introducing the division facts be sure to at least teach the association that exists between multiplication and division.

Then use these dual pages to teach that 3 x 4=12/4=3, etc. 

Remember that dividing can be taught at the same time as multiplying so you can refer to our Division worksheets, too. Really, you'll find that this is a wonderful short cut.

Be certain that your kids have the idea of the groups used in multiplying so as to keep the idea separate from addition. I've found that once the children know addition and subtraction and see the association, they'll learn the association between multiplication and division better.

  1. Multiplication and Division Chart - Print this on the back of our #5 Addition and Subtraction Chart to have it all on one page: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide.
  2. 2 in 1 Printable Multiplication and Division Chart - Space to copy three times on twelve multiplication worksheets.

6. Classical Conversations: Fun Multiplication Quiz To 15

These fun multiplication worksheets make multiplying easy. 

Your student can simply refer to the chart for each table at the top of the page, read them out loud or copy them to his notebook, and have plenty of multiplication practice at the bottom. These sheets "mix it up a bit"!

There is one page for each of the 12 times tables in each download. Here is a suggested way to use these:

  1. Read each of the equations in the chart three times each.
  2. Answer the equations.
  3. Self correct from the chart at the top.

The purple links have the 15 multiplication tables for those who use Classical Conversations. Thank you Brandy at HalfAHundredAcreWood.com for requesting the 15 multiplication quiz worksheets. We made an answer key for them, too.

A planner helps you plan which printables to use and when. At-A-Glance has my favorite academic planner for making lesson plans. Each day is like a list of things to do. Not finished today? Draw an arrow to tomorrow. 

Also, I love that it covers more than a year and I can see the whole week "at a glance". It makes a great gift, too. You can buy it at any time of the year at Amazon.

7. 24 Fun Multiplication Worksheets With Charts

The twenty four fun multiplication worksheets below have the complete times table chart at the top of each sheet. Easy and quick. Super for older kids.

There are two sheets for each times table for more varied practice, A and B.

These are great to use for practice using the multiplication chart in 3rd grade once the children can follow the table. After we've used the worksheet we cut the charts out and tape them in the front of their Math text books or binders.

Hint: A small ruler or 3x5 card can be helpful.

8. Fun Printable Multiplication Flash Cards

Choose from these these Multiplication flash cards to print the answer side, the blank side, or both sides. Flash cards make easy practice and are easy to use with games. 

Your beginners can get used to the equations and the up and down format. Your older kids can take a quick easy test and if you show the answer side, these make great practice and review.

I omitted the zeros in these flash cards since they are easy to learn and aren't multiplication facts anyway, they are nullification facts.

The multiplication ones tables are identification and are super easy, too. It is easier to remember the identity property of multiplication if it is demonstrated with several examples.

  • 1 x 1 = 1
  • 39 x 1 = 39
  • 1,234,567 x 1 = 1,234,567

If you start with a fun attitude, kids love to learn big numbers and teaching that anything times 1 is itself is very fun when it's a thousand, a million, a billion!

Anything times one is itself. Identity. That's usually enough, yet the flash cards are good for practicing the equations especially with our fun multiplication worksheets.

9. Fun Printable Multiplication Charts

You can use these large multiplication charts as multiplication drill sheets.

You can use the first set as Math posters to put on the wall, too. Use a hole punch and hang them like a calendar for easy reference at home near where your kids do their Math homework. These work well with our fun multiplication worksheets above.

I keep the second set on a clip board to use as a flip chart for oral practice or to take with me as I go around the classroom checking their work. It's got a good place at the top for the clip.

Remember to put your hand or a card over the next equation so that the kids are more sure to be looking at the right equation. You can also fold the other side under.

There is a link below at 9c for printing all twelve of the clipboard set.

9a. Landscape Multiplication Charts To Use As Posters

See all our printables in affordable bundles here .

9b. Clipboard Multiplication Times Tables 

I really like to put these printable multiplication tables on a clipboard so that I can carry the whole board to review with whichever student is working on a different table. This is great in small Math groups or up and down the rows of desks.

The low placement of the numbers on the page allows space for the clip at the top.

Many times a quick review is enough to help students move to the next table using our fun multiplication worksheets. Simply have them repeat the equation three times quickly. :-)

See the complete set below.

9c. Large Multiplication Charts Times Tables - 12 In One

This is my favorite! Get all twelve of our large multiplication charts in one download here:

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We also have similar worksheets for the other Math tables:

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