Printable Christmas Math Worksheets
Twelve Days Of Christmas

With our fun Christmas math worksheets writing numbers is fun for kids.

Awesome coloring pages for the actual Twelve Days of Christmas which starts on Christmas Day. Great for the winter holiday activities, too!

They are printable and digital PDF files so you can use them in online classrooms or share them at home. No answer key needed.

12 Free Christmas Math Worksheets

For accuracy's sake the real Twelve Days are after Christmas starting on December 26 and ending on January 6.

The season before Christmas is when we are "waiting" for Jesus to come, otherwise known as the four weeks of Advent.

If you use an Advent calendar before Christmas, you can use these printables after Christmas to count the days till the Magi arrive in Bethlehem, near the end of our holiday season.

Printable Christmas Math Worksheets

These printable 12 Days Of Christmas Worksheets can be assigned one day at a time through the season or you can bind them as a Christmas themed counting and coloring book for Pre-K and Kindergarten work packets.

I have seen kids who cut and paste the pictures when they were done with their work make Christmas art projects like cards and ornaments for Dad and Mom.

It's super fun if you also teach the words to the song. The main words to the song are below the worksheets. These are darling pictures for the Christmas season.

1. A Partridge 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Partridge in a Pear Tree....

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2. Two Turtle Doves 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

On the Second day of Christmas my true love gave to me Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree....

3. French Hens 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

On the Third day of Christmas my true love gave to me Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree....

4. Four Calling Birds 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

Four Calling Birds....

5. Five Golden Rings 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

Five Golden Rings....

6. Six Geese Laying 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

Six Geese a-Laying....

7. Swans Swimming 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

Seven Swans a-Swimming....

8. Maids Milking 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

Eight Maids a Milking....

9. Ladies Dancing 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

Nine Ladies Dancing....

10. Lords A-Leaping 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

Ten Lords a Leaping....

11. Pipers Piping 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

Eleven Pipers Piping....

12. Drummers Drumming 12 Days Of Christmas Math Worksheet

Twelve Drummers Drumming....

Words To The Twelve Days Of Christmas Song

This is a fun math counting song to sing during the twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany. December 26 is the Feast of St. Stephen, the first martyr and the Epiphany is January 6th.

The English children used to sing it like we play musical chairs with the child who couldn't sing the next line having to drop out of the game.

Here are the lyrics that we use in the United States.

  • On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Partridge in a Pear Tree.
  • On the Second day of Christmas my true love gave to me Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.
  • On the Third day of Christmas my true love gave to me Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Continue adding these lines one at a time - remember the change in the tune at Five Golden Rings:

  • Four Calling Birds
  • Five Golden Rings
  • Six Geese a-Laying
  • Seven Swans a-Swimming
  • Eight Maids a Milking
  • Nine Ladies Dancing
  • Ten Lords a Leaping
  • Eleven Pipers Piping
  • Twelve Drummers Drumming

Preschool Twelve Days Of Christmas Activity

Christmas Math Activities For Kindergarten

Oh, the kids love to line up to sing this fun song and show their own Christmas math worksheets!

Once they have completed these printables, you have the perfect prompt for a skit or sing-a-long. Use these activities as a reward for finishing their work.

If you have twelve children, it's perfect for each child to have his assigned number to show his worksheet at the right phrase in the song. Each child can show for one stanza. 

If you have fewer than twelve, have a table or put the papers on the floor so the children can cycle back to do a second showing. Usually, it's best to give the lead to your handiest child.

If you have more than twelve students, group them in teams for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas, two or three children per "day".

Have fun with it!

First Grade Art Projects

Christmas Math Cut And Color

Older children often like crafts like color and cut.

After they finish their work, first graders can color the 12 Days of Christmas pictures and cut them out to hang in a window.

Or check out Tracey's wonderful Christmas printables to cut.

Math Christmas Ornaments

If you print the pages small or two-up, the images make sweet Christmas ornaments. Steps:

  • Complete the math page,
  • Color the picture,
  • Cut out the image or some of them,
  • Paste to a piece of Christmas colored construction paper in different shapes, 
  • Punch a hole and tie a string. 
  • Hang from the Christmas tree or garland.

This can be a big project especially in a classroom, so assign one sheet per day to cover both math and art class.

Christmas Color By Number Math

Looking for Christmas color by number math?

  • Christmas bells,
  • Church window,
  • Boy with gift, and 
  • Making snow angels.

Remember to sort for the correct crayons! Click on the image below to see the collection

Christmas Color By Number Math Worksheet

Christmas Cutting Activities

If you're looking for fun Christmas cutting activities, Tracey LeRoux has a darling Christmas Templates ebook here.

More Math Coloring Pages And Worksheets

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Thank you for visiting our PrintNPractice selection of Christmas math worksheets for kindergarten and first grade, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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