34 Printable Graph Paper Downloads For Math, Crafts, And Emergency Gift Wrap!

You'll find over thirty-five kinds of printable graph paper on this page in many grid sizes and colors that are interactive for you to personalize.

Use PrintNPractice.com interactive graph paper printable PDF Christmas wrap or plot Algebra equations!Printable graph paper printable PDFs for Christmas wrap or to plot Math and Algebra equations. Interactive! Write captions.

You'll find both Standard Measure and Metric Measure graphs and you can customize them with your own notes before you print.

You can also type in your favorite colors after you download these PDFs. 

The Standard Measure uses quarter inch, half inch, and inch graph paper; and comes as black, gray, or green graph paper.

Use green and red to make Christmas wrapping paper. Enjoy!

Use the following links to jump down to find easy to print colored graph paper in many sizes:

  1. 1/4, 1/2, & Inch Paper: Black, Gray, Green.
  2. Centimeter Paper: Black, GrayGreen
  3. 1/4 inch Colors: Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown, Pink.
  4. Inch colorsBlueLight BluePurpleYellowOrangeRedBrownPink.
  5. Knitting graph paper: Black, GrayGreen.

Black, gray, and green graph paper are standards for most uses like math and plotting crafts. Choose gray to save black ink. 

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Printable Math Graph Paper

If your fourth through twelfth grade children are working with squares and roots, they'll see the association easily with math graph paper.

5 x 5 = 52 = 25

Children can see this more easily on graph paper because they can see the five columns and five rows.

We have exponent worksheets to help kids learn squares and cubes here.

Interactive and Printable Graph Paper

We've made these printable graph paper PDFs interactive so that you can add a dot, an X, an x, a \, or a / to the squares where you want to plot your designs. Learn about interactives here.

Chose the colorand fonts that you like, too. Remember to save the download to your computer FIRST before you personalize it. Then use "Save As" to keep both the blank and the new version.

Children love being creative!

We have different graph sizes and colors of printable graph paper that you can download from this page.

Here's an important note:

  • If you want to save any personalized graph paper, save the download to your computer first (online graph paper changes will not save) so that you can "Save As" your personalized version and keep the original.
  • Newly, I think that Adobe has improved it's presentation so that you cannot type on the interactive pdfs until they are downloaded so that saves you from losing your work. Whew! Still watch out in case you're using an older browser or version of Adobe.

1. Standard Measure - 1/4, 1/2, & 1 Inch Graph Paper

Black Graph Paper

Gray Graph Paper

Green Graph Paper

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2. Metric Measure - Centimeter Graph Paper

We have centimeter graph paper printable as black, gray, and green graph paper.

3. 1/4 Graph Paper In Fabulous Colors!

Did you know that if you draw on light blue graph paper, you can photocopy the drawing, and the blue lines will disappear!

This is so great when trying to making realistic drawings that are proportional when you are using printable graph paper.

See all our PrintNPractice printables in affordable bundles here .

4. Large Graph Paper Squares In Lovely Colors!

5. Craft and Knitting Graph Paper

Knitting, beading, cross stitch and filet crochet all use patterns that are nice to graph when you're inventing a new pattern. Draft your design easily.

If you're in the odd situation where you need ten lines per inch, our inch paper is almost perfect.

At the moment using my printer the eight inch side is 1/32 inch off from perfect in each square, meaning that each square inch is a smidgen short. 

Check the measurements with your computer's and printer's settings.

Narrow Margin Printable Graph Paper

These next sheets of graph paper have the place for name and date removed.

The graph image goes nearly to the edge of the paper with narrow margins for your printer. Excellent for crafts or math graph paper.

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Using PrintNPractice Free Graph Paper To Print

Printable graph paper can be dressed up a bit!

You can type on our worksheets and all of our printables.

Hmm.... What about colored graph paper gift wrap? Need a quick wrap for a star student's award? Add a note all in one pass!

Personalize Our
Printable Worksheets

Note: If you want to save any personalized downloads, save the download to your computer first so that you can "Save As" your new version and also keep the original.

Adobe has improved it's presentation so that you cannot type on the interactive pdfs (online) until they are downloaded to your device.

This saves you from losing your customized work. Whew!

Beware, though, in case you're using an older browser or version of Adobe. Update Adobe here.

Free Graph Paper To Print

Oh, how I wish that we'd had free graph paper available online when our first children were going through school! We would have used it for everything from Algebra class to needlework.

I've used our printable graph paper to wrap little gifts - see the photos at the top and bottom of this page.

You, too, can

  • print, 
  • personalize, and 
  • wrap.

Back in the day, though, we had to drive to a larger town for graph paper. Finding it for sale could be a trick unless you went to an office supply store.

Graph paper was a rare commodity. Further, we so often used such tiny amounts that we began cutting out the sizes we needed for Algebra problems and gluing or taping it to the homework.

Graph paper was expensive once we found it! We guarded it in case our little ones wanted to draw on it. Yikes! At least there was a second side alas, the second side often only had parallel lines, no perfect squares.

Cute story: One year one of our two year olds spent an hour putting a "w" in nearly every single square on the page.

Yep. She's meticulous to this day. Too cute!

Graph paper can keep little children busy in a fun way.

 List Of Printable Graph Paper Ideas

Through the years I've learned a variety of ways that you can use printable graph paper.

Here are some fun graph paper ideas.

Math Graphing Lessons

Math Manipulatives

Coloring the large graph squares makes seeing the groups easier for little ones.

It is an awesome Math manipulative if your students color the columns and rows and/or cut them out - cheep and quick.

See our counting pages here.

Multiplication Graphs And Charts

Math lessons: Math graph paper is excellent for teaching multiplication, squares, and cubes.

Many of us like to have Math graph paper for our children to learn their multiplication tables. Four rows across and six rows deep represent 4 x 6 = 24.

Those who don't "get it" are thrilled to be able to count the squares.

Teaching multiplication is easier when you can show an array by placing dots or stars in the squares of the graphs or simply color the spaces.

See scores of multiplication practice worksheets here.

Combine Math And Art Projects

Arts and crafts projects: Print different colors and sizes for beading graph paper, cross stitch graph paper, and knitters graph paper. Knitting graph paper has ten lines per inch with the inch lines marked. Make notes, too.

Crafting? Put an x or other symbol in the blocks you want on your filet crochet or cross stitch graph paper

Again, choose the colors you like, so that you can "see" your project early. Graph paper is great for making polka dot grids by putting a dot or tiny x at the intersections in the grids. 

3D drawings: The trick to making images look 3D is to make a triangle of the next block, generally from one corner diagonally to the next. This is awesome fun when making shadows behind block letters, buildings, and mazes.

Oh, how I wish we'd had free printable graph paper when I was a child! One of my favorite doodles when I was young was drawing mazes and 3D labyrinths or tangles of chains. It was a challenge to make each line make sense - especially 3D; but it was fun to draw each new "room" or path.

Graph paper drawings: Draw mazes, labyrinths, lattice work, Celtic knots and more. Did you know that, if you make your drawings on light blue graph paper, you can make a copy of the drawing on a copier so the blue lines will not show? Super neat.

Drawings: You can use a graph paper template for drawing accurate pictures from photos or other images. Choose the half or inch graph paper for large projects.

Graph paper drawings really help art students learn to "see" the shapes within the images they wish to draw. Tape a piece of black graph paper (inch or half inch depending on the scale that you want) to a clipboard and lay your paper over top.

If your paper is thin enough, you can see the graph under the paper without having to erase graph lines from your drawing.

If you use a clear clipboard, you can set a light under your work to see the lines more easily.

Interior design and rearranging furniture: Print a gray graph paper to plot where furniture is and where it could possibly go.

  • Plan a doll house or plot your landscaping or fencing to the scale of your yard.
  • Plan the architecture for your new garage, garden shed, or dog house.
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Emergency Gift Wrap!

When you're in a pinch you can use graph paper like wrapping paper.

Wrap tiny little gifts with the perfect sized paper.

A rainbow of colors and interactive fonts make it easy to use script, block, or calligraphy alphabets to personalize your special gifts.



Personalize it?


You can personalize your graph paper downloads (save them to your computer first, personalize and "Save As").

Then you can type text into your graph paper downloads. Choose the perfect colors and fonts for your family and friends.

Interactive Graph Paper Gift Wrap For Small Gifts

Print and personalize our Math graph paper and use it as gift wrap!Brown and orange colored Math graph paper. Perfect for teacher's fall gifts!

Our colored graph paper gift wrap is a great idea for small gifts, especially if they will be given to teachers, math lovers and techies.

Graph paper gift wrap. What a great idea! It's the best geometric wrapping paper for small gifts.

Make it special. Our printable graph paper is interactive so you can type a note before you print instead of finding a gift tag. 

Save the variation to your computer for future use.

  • What about a red Christmas note on green graph paper?
  • Green on yellow or lilac for Easter?
  • Brown on orange for Thanksgiving?
  • Try a purple note on a little girl's pink graph paper?
  • Fonts? What about script for girls and BLOCK for boys?
  • Small images and symbols? Any image your fonts can produce can be used on these printables. 
  • This is super handy for crafts.

Save the graph paper to your computer and edit from there. Remember to "Save As" for your favorite revisions or to see the new note and to keep the original file.

Printable Graph Paper Downloads

I hope that you've enjoyed reading this page as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

We've spent hundreds of hours on the creation of these printable graph paper downloads, the gift wrapping ideas, and, yes, a few hours thinking about school related ideas and we hope that this page serves you well.

You might also like our pretty printable writing paper with and without lines.

Our printable Math worksheets for kids are super helpful in the classroom or as homework. Lots of easy practice. Enjoy!

For more graph paper ideas check out Donna Young's site for adjustable Fit To Page (FTP) graph paper printables. She has paper with the mm Tic-Marks, too.

Thank you for visiting!


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Printable graph paper for kids: Math, crafts, personalize, and wrap gifts!Printable Graph Paper For Math, Crafts, Or Emergency Gift Wrap!
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