Color By Number Worksheets
Coloring by Numbers Is Fun!

Printable color by number worksheets are fun!Nine printable color by number worksheets.

Once children know their numbers they love color by number worksheets. These coloring pages turn Math into art class. Yay!

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Color by number makes Math seem like an adventure.

Trying to follow the path and find the next number can be fun like a scavenger hunt. Also, after the Math lesson the kids can color the picture for fun.

Printable Color By Number Worksheets

This first color by number coloring page is my favorite! I love the bells and stained glass window. Check it out for yourself.

The snow angel picture and the picture of the little girl with the balloon are probably easiest for preschool as they can leave the background blank or color it all one color.

The last picture in the group does not have a legend for the colors and numbers, yet this is a great time to write the list of colors on the board to give instructions. For example:

  • "Color the 100 yellow." 
  • "Color the car red." 
  • "Draw a hill behind the race car."
  • "Draw a road around the car." 

If you have the children start with the little pieces first like the bumper, tires, wheels, and head lights; they are less likely to color over the details. 

Stained glass windows are fun to color with bright colors!

Use spring colors to color the boy on the swing.

Birthday, Christmas or other party colors are great for gifts.

Teach about triangles and diamond shapes with this window.

Draw a low line and color the sky blue to leave Frosty white.

Use light blue in the angel skirt and wings. Leave the snow white.

Draw a horizon line for two colors in the background. 

Blue background and yellow paper. Fun for upcoming engineers.

Color the number 100 an opposite color from the background.

Using Color By Number Worksheets

The first thing I do when I'm helping children color by number is review the names of the colors and the numbers and make a splotch of the right color right next to the number. 

Another idea is to color the correct color through the name of the color which leaves the number free to be read more easily.

Also, if the children want to choose a different color, that's fine if they understand the colors and numbers already. Some of us like blue coats, some of us like red. :-)

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