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Counting Worksheets: Cut and color Math Manipulative worksheets for kids!Fun Counting Worksheets and cut and color Math Manipulative worksheets!

You've hit the jack pot here! We have several kinds and levels of printable counting worksheets for math.

Counting gets easier with practice. Kids practice counting naturally. They love to keep track of the number of things.The trick is to help them memorize the numbers in order. Repeat the 0-9 sequence often even if you're using 10-19, etc.

  • Actually, if you simply count out loud frequently with your kids, most of them will learn to count easily with simple repetition.
  • Count cups of flour in a recipe together.
  • Count the birds on the sidewalk.
  • Count the crayons in the box.

Children love to sing along with counting songs. So choose your favorite counting songs to use with these worksheets.

1. Printable Math Worksheets for Counting

  1. Counting worksheets, counting by halves, counting words.
  2. Preschool and kindergarten printable flash cards, kitten, and puppy.
  3. Printable skip counting sheets.
  4. Printable math manipulatives: Cut and Play blocks for counting.
  5. Printable Math worksheets for Christmas.

1.A. Printable Counting Worksheets

  1. The first set has 2 worksheets for little students to trace the numbers.
  2. The second set help students learn to count to 100 and to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s.
  3. The 100s chart is in three versions: one for reference, one that is grey for tracing, and one that is blank to practice copy work.The six pages of printable hundreds charts have a tracing copy and a printable blank hundreds chart.
  4. Several of the hundreds charts have space for skip counting practice, too.

I find it super helpful to order printer paper by the ream or case. You can buy it at Amazon by the case.

1.B. Three Counting By Halves Worksheets

You'd be surprised how much better children understand counting by halves when they say it out loud as they write it.

Copying these lines will take them through ten.

1.C. Printable Counting Worksheets With Number Spelling 1-20 and 1-100

Your older kids can use these to learn to spell the counting numbers 1 to 100.

The first page works well for one through twenty and the rest of the worksheets include hyphenation between the numbers 21 to 99. Great for Saxon Math and other Math curriculum.

Six pages.

2. Preschool and Kindergarten Printable Counting Flash Cards

These printable counting flash cards help children with their memory work. They remember the numbers better when they see them, touch them, say them, and hear them. We have three sets: plain, kitten, and puppy. Print your favorites.

The kittens and puppies can be colored for more interaction and fun.

A. Plain Counting Flash Cards Number Recognition

B. Kitten Counting Numbers Flash Cards For Preschool

Looking for a preschool or kindergarten activity?

Have the children color these before they cut them. Coach as they carefully count the kittens one at a time.

I like to teach them to put their fingers on the kittens, yet leaving a pencil mark will be much better for the higher numbers. 

Even better, have them color the kitties using these like counting worksheets.

The last icon below has the full set, so to print only the last page, you'll have to select the last page. Otherwise, print the whole set at once. See FULL SET.

It helps to plan when you want to use which worksheets. At-A-Glance has my favorite academic planner. Each day is like a list of things to do. Not finished today? Draw an arrow to tomorrow. 

I love that it covers more than a year and I can see the whole week at a glance. It makes a great gift, too. You can buy it at any time of the year at Amazon.

C. Puppy Counting Flash Cards For Preschool

These can be used as counting worksheets, too.

3. Printable Skip Counting Worksheets 

The two page set on the left covers skip counting for the Multiplication table 1 - 12 on page one.

You can also use a multiplication chart for skip counting, simply use the right column in the chart. The currency second download on the right  has money skip counting as for US nickles, dimes, and quarters, etc.

The four page set on the right covers skip counting including currency skip counting for the 25s, 50s, 100s.

Skip counting like counting by fives is great preparation for learning the Multiplication tables and for telling time.

4. Printable Math Manipulatives: Colored Blocks For Counting Or Printable Cuisenaire Rods Worksheets

Can't buy those alluring math manipulative sets? Wish you had an alternative to printable Cuisenaire rods worksheets? Try these. Print these and get out the scissors!

Need a nice way to show counting without using pennies or beans that could be swallowed? These PDFs are ready to cut and count.

Print these Math manipulatives to help children see counting by sets like skip counting which is the beginning of addition and multiplication. 

  • Use the ones blocks for counting, safer than pennies.
  • Use these to teach addition patterns.
  • Use these for skip counting which is the beginning of multiplication.
  • Use the ones, tens, and hundred block to teach base ten Math.

Counting is easiest when we have Math manipulatives. There has to be something to count before counting makes sense. It is easier when you move to skip counting, use blocks or sets that show the units in groups.

Note: You might have to tell some children to remove the white instead of cut out the blocks. Some will make unit blocks out of all of the sheets, especially if they cut the first worksheet before doing the others - which is usual. 

5. Printable Christmas Counting Worksheets

These printable 12 Days Of Christmas worksheets can be assigned one day at a time through the Christmas Season and bound as a Christmas coloring book. This is a lovely idea for teaching counting if you also teach the song. 

Counting is a skill that we learn to do better and better through the first few years of school.

In Preschool we learn to count to ten.

In Kindergarten we learn to count to twenty or one hundred and we begin writing the numerals.

In First and Second Grade we learn addition which is fast counting, subtraction which undoes addition, and skip counting which prepares us for the idea of multiplication.

In Third and Fourth Grade multiplication makes counting even faster and division makes decimals and fractions.

Thank you for visiting our counting worksheets.

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