Printable Multiplication Tables And Blank Table

3 Printable Multiplication Tables: Chart, gray, and blank table.3 Printable Multiplication Tables: Chart, gray, and blank table.

Find three printable multiplication tables on this page:

  1. Black  on white with rows and columns filled for a basic multiplication reference chart.
  2. Gray  on white with answers grayed for copy work.
  3. Blank multplication table  to print for practice.

What is so wonderful is that math is so logical that almost all of it can fit in charts or tables. Multiplying is perfect for this.

Three Multiplication Tables 1-12

3 Printable Multiplication Tables 1-123 multiplication tables 1-12 for reference and practice.

If you stack the skip counting tables, they'll read the same left to right as they do down and up.

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1. Black Printable Multiplication Tables

Show The 10 Times Table Or The 12 Times Table

Print this chart to keep handy inside a binder or tablet cover for easy reference to the 12 multiplication tables. I like the kids to keep it in a pocket of their binder or in the clear sheet holder on the front cover.

It is an excellent reference table for the skills of multiplying and dividing. Show first timers how to find

  • the 2 multiplication table,
  • the 3 multiplication table,
  • the fives, the tens, and the twelves, etc.

Any piece of paper or straight line ruler can help kids follow the rows and columns of factors to the intersection where the product is.

The answer to a multiplication problem is called a product. The factors are in the columns and rows and point to the answer. 

Multiplication Tables 1-12

These charts show the multiplication tables up to 12. 

After you print the page use a ruler to show that the numbers in the rows across times the numbers down the columns equals the answer at the intersection of the two lines, left and right, up and down.

Kids can color the rows and columns. They love doing this as a reward for learning each table. It's fun to see the table fill with their favorite colors. See more notes below.

Truly, this one table shows all the multiplication times tables that 3rd and 4th graders memorize.

Multiplication Table To 100

This is a great table to show the kids how they can see at a glance the 10 multiplication table up to 100. 

Before starting this activity for the 10s, remember to only go as far as the tens with the colors.

  • Use a ruler under the tens row and a piece of paper alongside the tens column to show the square 1 to 100 with all 100 multiplication facts where they intersect at the 100 product. See the photos below for the 2s, 3s, and the 4s tables. For 100 multplication facts timed quizzes, see the excellent Saxon Math Homeschool editions.
  • Highlight the row and the column with a colorful underline with a highlighter or colored pencil (in case your printer uses water soluble ink).
  • You can do this with each of the times tables using different colors. The ruler is a huge help for beginners.

I like printing this table on card stock so it lasts longer and is easier to find in a pile of papers. 

You can also print it as multiples so two or four copies can fit on one piece of paper so they're smaller to use as bookmarks in your math book. It depends on what your printer can do.

It's also an easy reference for skip counting. See more skip counting worksheets here.

If you want the times tables up to 15 see section 6 on our main multiplication worksheets page.

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2. Gray Printable Multiplication Tables

This is the same chart as #1, yet the facts are grayed out.

This is an excellent exercise for kids who are seeing the times table for the first time. 

You can even have them finish one table at a time as a review of how to multiply, like fast counting.

If you're hoping to have the children color each table a separate color, do the squares:

  1. 1 (Black in the photo below.)
  2. The twos. (Purple.)
  3. The threes. (Magenta.)
  4. The fours. (Green.)

Otherwise the tables run past each other 1-12.

Gray multiplication table for copywork with the squares.Gray multiplication table for copywork with the squares.

Gray Multiplication Tables 1-12 or 1-10

3. Practice Blank Multiplication Table PDF

All of our printable PDF worksheets are also digital downloads that you can save to your computer or your students' computers.

You can assign this exercise online, too. The boxes are large enough even for 3rd grade students to have space for neat writing. If they will be neat, they will like this project even better because it looks so good when they are finished.

It might be a trick to fill these digitally since they're oriented in landscape format; so once your students have written the answers in the little boxes, they can take a photo of their work to send to you.

The way to make the rainbow colored charts is to stay with the squares: the 2s, the 3s, the 4s, etc. up to the 10s and the 12s. This is super handy for at a glance reference.

Printable Blank Table For Multiplication

Show The 2 Multiplication Table Left To Right

For beginners learning how to multiply as with multiplication for 3rd grade, this activity may take all week or even two weeks. 

Better to go slowly so they understand what they're doing than waste the time breezing over the lesson. Truly, for first timers I would go over each equation in the graph as the children fill the answers. See easy multiplication worksheets here.

Older children often understand intuitively, so most children can finish this chart within one to three hours. Find more 5th grade multiplication worksheets here

The example below shows completing the 2 multiplication table. Do the same with each table by filling in the graph one table at a time: 3s, 4s, 5s, etc.

2 Multiplication Table using a ruler left and right to find the answers for multplying by 2 on a printable multiplication table up to 12.2 Multiplication Table. Use a ruler left and right to find the facts for multplying by 2 up to 12.

Show The 3 Multiplication Table Up And Down

Another way to teach the tables one at a time is to color the table the children are studying. 

Print a new graph for each table or use the squares idea above to show all of the tables NxN or n2.

3 Multiplication Table for the best way to teach multiplication.How to teach kids multiplication using the times table. The 3s multiplication works up and down and left and right.

More Printable Multiplication Tables And Worksheets

We also have other worksheets for multiplication as well as printable flash cards and videos. Most of our printable worksheets can be filled or answered using the typing tool on each digital worksheet.

No need to print as the lessons can be completed digitally. See all of our free printable multiplication worksheets here.

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3 Printable Multiplication Tables: Chart, gray for copywork, and a blank multiplication table.3 Printable Multiplication Tables For 3rd Grade: black, gray, and blank.