Skip Counting Worksheets Teach Multiplication, Telling Time, Making Change

You're looking for an easy way to teach kids skip counting. They're looking for recess time. :-)

Use these printable worksheets to keep it quick and memorable.

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Kids love the doubles, the fives, the tens and dozens. 

  • It's quite an accomplishment when they can count by 2. Help them use two fingers to pull pennies out of a pile. They "get" the twos much easier when they're counting something. (Always remember to keep little items from children who might swallow them.)
  • Fives? It's fun to be able to use your hands to show five more.
  • The tens are easy as kids figure pretty quickly that when they're writing that all they have to do is place a zero behind the number. Same with hundreds, just add an extra zero.

Skip Counting Activities

1. Skip Counting Time

Skip counting by fives is very helpful when children learn counting by 5. They can see that the fives go round the clock. The big numbers help make the association with multiplication. 

Your children will love knowing that they can read a clock or their very own watch once they can count by fives.

2. Skip Counting Money

The fives, tens, 25s, 50s, and 100s teach money denominations, too. Nickles, dimes, quarters, fifty cent pieces, and dollar bills use these numbers. Make change easily by practicing: 25, 50, 75, 100.

Start with the fives and compare them to nickles or five dollar bills. You can also use manipulatives, cut nickle pictures from worksheets, or use actual nickles and fives. Be sure no little ones will put the money in their mouths.

The tens are easy and represent dimes and ten dollar bills.

Quarters are trickier and there is no twenty five dollar bill. You can teach counting by 20 once they've learned counting by 10s. It combines the 2s and the 10s.

Counting by fifties is as easy as counting by fives and counting hundreds is fun!

3. Skip Counting Flash Cards

I would use a multiplication chart instead of skip counting flash cards. It's best to keep the numbers written in order. It doesn't look like so much work either.

  • If a box of flash cards spills kids have a hard time recognizing the order.
  • If you want to use flash cards, try putting them in a tiny binder or punch holes and use string to tie them together.
  • In this case we do have printable multiplication flash cards where you can simply put each table on its own ring.
  • Keep it quick. Memory work is easiest and lasts longest when the exercise is short and quick.

4. Say It While You Write It

This is so important for some children.

If they say what they're writing at the moment they are writing it, they often remember it better.

For some children this is a hard habit to form, so take extra time to allow for saying the numbers as they write them. Model it for them as encouragement and reinforcement.

2. Printable Skip Counting Worksheets

Practice Skip Counting By.... For Time and Money

This first download has six pages, yet can be kept as a reference chart through several weeks.

You'll find that teaching one table at a time makes it easier for children to learn to skip count.

Teach the twos and tens first to show how easy it can be.

  • Skip count by 1 - Super easy to get the ball rolling. 
  • Skip count by 2 - Learning the doubles with pennies is super fun when you use two fingers to push two pennies. Not for very young children or those who might try to eat the coins.
  • Skip count by 3 - Try the same penny trick. Our fingers still line up easily.
  • Skip count by 4 - Like skip counting twos. Way fast.
  • Skip count by 5 - Excellent for telling time and counting nickles.
  • Skip count by 6 - Think of half dozens. This might be for older kids.
  • Skip count by 7 - Just plain work, yet they're getting the idea.
  • Skip count by 8 - Like skip counting fours.
  • Skip count by 9 - Line the numbers in two columns up and down to show that it's just one less from the next ten.
  • Skip count by 10s - Super easy. Think of dimes, too.
  • Skip count by 11 - Fairly easy except for the last two or three.
  • Skip count by 12 - Dozens! Great to show with play Easter eggs.
  • Skip count by 25 - Makes counting money easy.
  • Skip count by 50 - Just like the fives and tens.
  • Skip count by 100 - Big numbers for big kids! Easy.

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