Printable Clock Worksheet
Make Telling Time Easy For Kids

You'll find a printable clock worksheet for several levels: digital, analog, and Roman numeral clocks.

Once your student can count and add well, and knows the 5 times table; telling time is easy to learn. Practice telling time with these time worksheets. 

Printable Clock and Clock Worksheets

Telling time worksheets are handy for teaching little ones to count to twelve as a preschool activity. Eleven and twelve are tricky numbers to remember and the clock keeps them in linear order around the circle like a number line does, yet this "line" can be seen wherever there is a clock.

There are four sets of free printable clock worksheets on this page:

  1. Cut and color clock face,
  2. Analog clock face with arms to cut out,
  3. Analog and LED clocks, and
  4. Roman Numerals clock face.

After your students have learned skip counting by five or some of their multiplication tables, especially the fives table, they are ready to learn to tell time on an analog clock. (Our logo is not on these PDF downloads.)

1. Color The Clock Worksheet

You can print and use this cut and color clock to teach your children how to move the hands to the correct places for the hours and minutes.

If you're teaching the fives tables in multiplication, it is a great time to teach reading a clock.

Have the children color the clock and hands first.

Also, I think it's very helpful to have an old analog clock to show how the clock works. As long as the hands still work they will "set" where you want the hour and minute hands.

Another option is to use a toy clock for this purpose. I really like the 12 hour Learning Resources Big Time Learning Clock

  • The hour hands are in red as are the numbers for the hour.
  • The minute hands are in blue to match the minute numbers.
  • The yellow background completes the primary colors for a fun effect.
  • The clock face is clean and clear for no distractions.

Learning To Tell Time On A Clock

The best way to do it is simply to do it. Repeating the clock numbers and the fives table often will make learning to tell time much easier and even automatic, especially if you show the numbers as you move your hand around the analog clock.

Time is often easy for kids to learn, yet some have a real difficult time with the analog face and do not see the time "at a glance".

I think that practice skip counting by five around the clock is very helpful so that they can figure it if they cannot see it, at least I've had several times where this simple exercise lit the light bulb for students who hadn't made the connection.

One of my brightest children had the hardest time of all our children learning to tell time, so it varies with children how easy it is to learn time.

Learning the numbers of the clock face is handy for those children who use the Orton or Spalding Phonics courses since the round letters use the clock vocabulary. They're already half trained. Clock faced letters begin at 2 on the clock as this is the very trick that helps form the roundness of the letters. 

2. Printable Clock Worksheet Cut Out

This clock worksheet needs no coloring.

Explain the numbers around the analog clock face and cut out the hands.

Teach how to tell time by moving the hands around the clock face and telling time or quizzing as needed.

This is more useful if you are able to print this onto card stock. 

Again, it's helpful to use real clocks with kids who are learning time. 

The Learning Journey Telly The Teaching Time Clock appeals to children because it:

  • Speaks to them in a child's voice.
  • Is a real working clock.
  • Asks them questions.

3. Telling Time Clock Worksheets For Kids

This PDF has three clock worksheets for kids that offer space to copy the numbers that go with the analog clock face. These can be used as digital clock worksheets.

These time worksheets can be read in order, if you show the order to your student - up and down.

They are very easy, and give practice writing the numbers in numerical order for a great start.

3 Digital Telling Time Worksheets

The EasyRead Time Teacher Children’s Alarm Clock with Night Light is a real alarm clock for older children that has:

  • Easy to read hands and numbers. 
  • Shows "To" on the red side and "Past" on the blue side. Meaning that it does not have the numbers 1-59, but O'Clock, 1-30 on the Past side and 29-1 on the To or Till side.
  • It automatically adjusts at night to a nightlight.
  • The alarm starts quietly and gradually gets louder.
  • No ticking! :-)

4. Roman Numeral Clock Worksheet

Our Roman Numeral clock face worksheet shows that most clock faces use IIII instead of IV for the number four (4). We also turn the numbers level for easy learning practice.

Learn more about Roman Numerals on our Roman Numerals Chart page.

You can buy a Roman numeral wall clock at Amazon here.

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