Phonics IR ER UR Worksheets

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Print these PDF phonics IR ER UR worksheets with UR words for kids to practice writing ur sound and er phonics three times. 

"Her first nurse works early."

  • The main thing is to pronounce the ur sound, which in English is the same as the ir and er sound, /er/.
  • If you review all of the er-s together, it's fun for the kids to say, "Er, ir, ur, ear, our, wor" all together six times. 

Use your favorite phonics books for dictation and then use these 2 PDF UR worksheets for review. There are two pages to this download.

There are two sizes for kindergarten to third grade. Print the first download two up for older children to have smaller lines, especially if they like smaller print. It looks like less work and actually improves their handwriting.

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Learning Phonics UR Words

Kids like learning that this makes the same sound as the other /er/ words, yet ur words can be tricky to spell if they simply do not just memorize the spellings. The more often you practice a quick review of the sounds, the more ready your kids will be to work. Keep it cheerful and quick.

I like to make associations in that a nurse helps your burn. Saturday and Thursday are days of the week. Make connections between the phonics sounds and their spellings.

ESL kids like learning that there is no difference in the pronunciation. I do not think that there is a rule for these sounds which means that memory-work, review and practice are the main exercises for these worksheets.

  1. Kindergarten UR Words In a Large Font - K-2, print 2-up for middle school.
  2. Third Grade UR Words Small Font - Great size for grades 3-6.

Teaching Phonics: Dictation List of UR Words

As you're teaching the phonogram ur, dictate these words for your children to write into their notebooks. If you do not use a notebook, regular paper is fine; yet it is very nice for kids to see the /er/ words all together in one two page spread.

The main thing is to have practice writing the /er/ sound "by ear". The ur worksheets above are a nice homework lesson or review.

The following sentences are samples for you to teach the vocabulary of the dictation words or even dictate the whole sentence for older children to write. If they will be writing sentences coach them through the other words if needed.

List Of UR Words And Sentences

nurse – A nurse can cool your sunburn. - nurse

curb – Keep your bike away from the curb. - curb

fur – The bear cub has soft fur. - fur

furl – To furl the flag is to fold it to store. - furl

turn – Turn left at the corner. - turn

surf– I love the surf and waves on the beach. - surf

burn – The nurse helped his burn. - burn

church – He went to church on Sunday. - church

curve – The river flows around the curve. - curve

burse – A burse is a purse for money. - burse

purse – A purse can hold many things. - purse

turtle – He has a nice turtle. - turtle

turkey – We will eat turkey on Thursday. - turkey

purpose – Work with purpose. - purpose

hurdle – The horse jumped the hurdle. - hurdle

Thursday – Thanksgiving is on Thursday. - Thursday

Saturday – We eat leftover food on Saturday. - Saturday

further – A horse can run further than a turtle. - further

disturb – Do not disturb the baby. - disturb

curtain – The window has a curtain. - curtain

Interactive Phonics Worksheets

Print these phonics printables or store them in a file for your kids' phonics lessons and exercises. Whether they read the lists, write the words, or type the words, they'll have excellent review. 

Learn how they are interactive worksheets here.

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IR ER UR Worksheets

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