Words That Start With X
X axis and Roman Numeral X

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Welcome to my tiny Math Dictionary words that start with X .

There aren't many words that begin with the letter X, much less Math words; but the list of X words below is helpful especially when you're trying to think of x words for a game.

Remember to include Math vocabulary any time you can. I really think that it is important to simply repeat the definitions three times each. Making a quick review of a definition helps students remember it in the future. Wouldn't it be great if all students could remember which is the x-axis?

Use the links in the alphabetical chart to go to other sections of our dictionary.


List Of Words That Start With X

X-Axis - the horizontal axis in the plane.

X-Intercept - the point at which a line crosses the x-axis.

X-Pentomino - a pentomino in the shape of the letter X.

X - Roman numeral for 10. See Roman Numeral worksheets here.

Okay. Here are some more X words you can use. Tell the little ones to count the bars on a Xylophone, count how many ribs are in an Xray picture, or count the ornaments on a Xmas tree.

Free Printable Math Dictionary For Kids:

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I keep these definitions as a glossary in my binder. 

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