Words That Start With V
Variable, Vector, Venn....

This is our page for the Math Dictionary words that start with V words. The whole printable Math dictionary is below - short and sweet.

Math Words that start with V: Variable, Vector, Venn. Does your glossary have these?Math Words that start with V: Does your glossary have these?

List Of Words That Start With V

Variable - a symbol whose value can change.

Vector - a ray that has a magnitude and a direction.

Vector Space - the three dimensional area where vectors can be plotted.

Velocity - the rate of change of position over time is velocity, calculated by dividing distance by time.

Venn Diagram - a diagram where sets are represented as simple geometric figures, with overlapping and similarity of sets represented by intersections and unions of the figures.

Vertex - the corners on a polygon.

Vertical - a line that goes up and down and is perpendicular to the horizon.

Vertical Angles - the two nonadjacent angles formed when two straight lines intersect.

Vertical Line - a line that runs up and down and is perpendicular to a horizontal line.

Vigesimal - related to intervals of 20.

Vinculum - the horizontal bar in a fraction separating the numerator from the denominator.

Volume - a measure of the number of cubic units needed to fill the space inside an object, length x width x height = volume therefore the units are cubed.

Vulgar Fraction - a common fraction.

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