Math Words That Start With E
Edge, Element, Equation

Here's words that start with E. I've collected these from many old Math books since so many of Math books do not have good glossaries.

Teaching Math prefixes is a huge help for kids to learn more words. This page has many words that are derivatives from the word equal, so it is good to teach its meaning as a prefix that means two things that are the same.

Math Words That Start With E: Equation, Element, Empty Set. Does your math glossary have all of these words?Math Words That Start With E: Printable math dictionary below. Awesome resource!

List Of Math Words That Start With E

Edge - outside boundaries.

Egyptian Fraction - a number of the form 1/x where x is an integer is called an Egyptian fraction.

Elapsed Time - a period of time that has passed, usually between a given starting time and ending time.

Element - a member of or an object in a set.

Elementary Function - one of the functions: rational functions, trigonometric functions, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions.

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Elements of Percentage - are the base, the rate, and the percentage.

Ellipse - An ellipse is a stretched out circle whose equation is x2/a2+y2/b2=1.

Ellipsoid - a three dimensional ellipse whose equation is x2/a2+y2/b2+z2/c2=1.

Empty Set - a set with no members. { } Also called the null set.

End Point Convention - in histograms, one needs to decide where to count values that are on the exact boundary between two intervals: either in the left or in the right interval. Let readers of the histogram know which side is chosen.

Endpoints - the points at which a line segment ends.

Enumerable Set - a countable set.

Words That Start With Equi-

Hint: If you teach the word equal and the ways that it is used as a prefix, your students will understand equilateral, equidistant, and equivalent in a snap. Sometimes this can lead to a fun activity showing the number of words that can be made with the prefix equi-.

Equal - of the same value.

Equal sign - the = sign used to indicate that both sides of an equation have the same value.

Equality - a math statement showing that two things are equal.

Equally Likely - in probability, when there are the same chances for more than one event to happen, the events are equally likely to occur.

Equals - has the same value as.

Equation - a math statement showing that two things are equal; It is indicated by this sign = . An equation is a statement of equality existing between numbers or combinations of numbers. An algebraic statement connected by an equal sign.

Equiangular Polygon - a polygon all of whose interior angles are equal.

Equiangular triangle - a triangle whose three angles all have equal measure. Each angle in an equilateral triangle has a measure of 60 degrees.

Equichordal Point - a point inside a closed convex curve in the plane is called an equichordal point if all chords through that point have the same length.

Equidistant - the same distance.

Equilateral Polygon - a polygon all of whose sides are equal.

Equilateral Triangle - a triangle whose sides are all the same length.

Equivalent equations - equations that have the same solution set.

Equivalent Fractions - different fractions that name the same amount.

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Escribed Circle - an escribed circle of a triangle is a circle tangent to one side of the triangle and to the extensions of the other sides.

Estimate - the best guess arrived at after considering all the information given in a problem.

Euclidean Algorithm - the method for finding remainders by multiplying the divisor by the quotient and subtracting that amount from the number being divided.

Euler Line - the Euler line of a triangle is the line connecting the centroid and the circumcenter.

Euler’s Constant - the limit of the series 1/1+1/2+1/3+...+1/n-ln n as n goes to infinity. Its value is approximately 0.577216.

Evaluate - to find the value of an expression.

Even Function - a function f(x) is called an even function if f(x)=f(-x) for all x.

Even Number - an integer that is divisible by 2; any of the set {..., -6, -4, -2, 0, 2, 4, 6, ...}.

Event - in probability, an event is an occurrence or the possibility of an occurrence that is being investigated.

List Of Words That Start With Ex-

Exact Interest - that which is computed by reckoning 365 days to the year.

Excenter - the center of an excircle.

Excircle - an escribed circle of a triangle.

Expanded Notation - a number written out to show all the place values.

Expected Value - the amount that is predicted to be gained, using the calculation for average expected payoff.

Experimental Probability - the chances of something happening, based on repeated testing and observing results. It is the ratio of the number of times an event occurred to the number of times tested.

Exponent - a little number to the right and a bit above a number.; an expression of the number of times that a base is used as a factor.

Exponential Expression - an expression that indicates that the base is to be used as a factor the number of times shown by the exponent.

Exponential Function - the function f(x)=ex.

Exponential Function to base a - the function f(x)=ax.

Expression - any combination of symbols, numerals, or operators.

Exradius - an exradius of a triangle is the radius of an escribed circle.

Exterior Angles - a pair of parallel lines that are intersected with a transversal.

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