Words That Start With H 
Half, Hectare, Helix!

Use these math words that start with H to find Math terms that begin with the letter H. You can also print or download our free printable PDF download Math Dictionary. I like to keep this in my binder.

Math Words That Start With H: Half, Hectare, Helix. Find a printable Math Dictionary, too.Math Words That Start With H: Half, Hectare, Helix. Find a printable Math Dictionary toward the bottom of this page.

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List Of Words That Start With H

Half-Line - a ray.

Half-Plane - the part of a plane that lies on one side of a given line.

Hankel Matrix - a matrix in which all the elements are the same along any diagonal that slopes from northeast to southwest.

Harmonic Analysis - the study of the representation of functions by means of linear operations on characteristic sets of functions.

Harmonic Division - a line segment is divided harmonically by two points when it is divided externally and internally in the same ratio.

Harmonic Mean - the harmonic mean of two numbers a and b is 2ab/(a + b).

Hectare - a unit of measurement in the metric system equal to 10,000 square meters (approximately 2.47 acres).

Height of the Triangular Prism - the distance between the two bases.

Helix - the path followed by a point moving on the surface of a right circular cylinder that moves along the cylinder at a constant ratio as it moves around the cylinder. The parametric equation for a helix is x=a cos t; y=a sin t; z=bt

Hemisphere - half of a sphere.

Heptagon - a seven sided polygon.

Heronian Triangle - a triangle with integer sides and integer area.

Words That Start With Hex-

Hexagon - polygon having six equal sides and six equal angles.

Hexagonal Number - a number of the form n(2n-1).

Hexagonal Prism - a prism with a hexagonal base.

Hexahedron - a polyhedron having 6 faces. The cube is a regular hexahedron.

Hexomino - a six-square polyomino.

More Words That Start With H

Histogram - a bar graph such that the area over each class interval is proportional to the relative frequency of data within this interval.

Homeomorphism - a one-to-one continuous transformation that preserves open and closed sets.

Horizontal Line - a line parallel to the earth’s surface or the bottom of a page.

Hundred - 100.

Hundreds column - third column of numbers to the left of the decimal point.

Hyperbola - a curve with equation x2/a2-y2/b2=1.

Hyperbolic Spiral - the curve whose equation in polar coordinates is r*theta=a.

Hyperboloid - a geometric solid whose equation is x2/a2+y2/b2-z2/c2=1 orx2/a2+y2/b2-z2/c2=-1.

Hypotenuse - the longest side of a right triangle.

Free Printable Math Dictionary

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