Words That Start With F
Factor, Fahrenheit, Formula

Our words that start with F web page has my twenty year collection of Math definitions that begin with the letter F. I've built it for your convenience and for the love of children.

Note that if you teach what prefixes and suffixes can be used for factor and finite, your students will understand many words more easily. Point out the similarities and how the words change with the different endings.

Math Words That Start With F: Edge, Element, Equation.Math Words That Start With F: See the free printable math dictionary at the bottom.

List Of Words That Start With F

Face Angle - the plane angle formed by adjacent edges of a polygonal angle in space.

Face of a Polyhedron - one the sides of a polyhedron.

Faces - the plane surfaces bounding a solid.

Fact Family - a group of three numbers related by addition and subtraction or by multiplication and division.

Factor (noun) - an exact divisor of a number. This 4 is a factor of 12; any of thenumbers or symbols in mathematics that when multiplied together form a product.

Factor (verb) - to find the factors of a number.

Factor in Arithmetic - one or more of the numbers we multiply together to get our answer.

Factorial - n! (read n factorial) is equal to the product of the integers from 1 to n.

Factoring - the operation of finding the integral factors of a given integer. I like to say "undoing the multiplication".

Fahrenheit - a scale used on some thermometers to measure temperature.

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Farey Sequence - the sequence obtained by arranging in numerical order all the proper fractions having denominators not greater than a given integer.

Fermat Number - a number of the form 2^{2^n}+1.

Fermat’s Spiral - a parabolic spiral.

Fibonacci Number - a member of the sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5,... where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. Named for Leonardo of Pisa, an Italian mathematician of the Middle Ages, who called himself Fibonacci, short for filiusBonacci which means “son of Bonacci”. The original problem he investigated in 1202 A.D. was about how fast rabbits could breed under ideal circumstances. His research led to the construction of this unique set of numbers.

Figurate Numbers - polygonal numbers.

Finite - means that there is an end to the thing you are counting.

Finite Group - a group containing a finite number of elements.

Floor Function - the floor function of x is the greatest integer in x, i.e. the largest integer less than or equal to x.

Focal Chord - a chord of a conic that passes through a focus.

Focal Radius - a line segment from the focus of an ellipse to a point on the perimeter of the ellipse.

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Foot of Altitude - the intersection of an altitude of a triangle with the base to which it is drawn.

Foot of Line - the point of intersection of a line with a line or plane.

Formula - a concise statement expressing the symbolic relationship between two or more quantities, a mathematical relationship which uses letters and symbols in place of words, shorthand description of how to solve a problem.

Fourier Series - a periodic function with period 2 pi.

Fractal - an image that is generated by a computer using complex numbers.

Fraction - a rational number of the form a/b where a is called the numerator and b is called the denominator.

Fractional Numbers - express parts of a number.

Fractional parts - portions of an object or quantity which has been divided into smaller pieces.

Frequency - the number of items occurring in a given category.

Frequency Theory of Probability - the probability of an event is the limit of the percentage of times that the event occurs in repeated, independent trials under essentially the same circumstances.

Frequency View - an approach taken by mathematicians and scientists to determine the chances of an event happening by repeating the experiment many times and using the results to calculate the probability.

Frustum - for a given solid figure, a related figure formed by two parallel planes meeting the given solid. In particular, for a cone or pyramid, a frustum is determined by the plane of the base and a plane parallel to the base. NOTE: this word is frequently incorrectly misspelled as frustrum.

Function - a function f of a variable x is a rule that assigns to each number x in the function’s domain a single number f(x). The word “single” in this definition is very important. 

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