Words That Start With N 
Negative, Number, Nine, Null...

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Welcome to our printable Math Dictionary words that start with N for our collection of Math definitions that begin with the letter N. Some of these are hard to find in children's Math glossaries.

Math Words That Start With N: Does your math glossary have all these N words?Math Words That Start With N: Does your math glossary have all these N words?

We have one page for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet so that you can find other Math definitions at the alphabetical links below. Otherwise print the download below to keep handy at your desk, or download it to keep on a tablet.

List Of Words That Start With N

Nadir - the point on the celestial sphere in the direction downwards of the plumb-line.

Nagel Point - in a triangle, the lines from the vertices to the points of contact of the opposite sides with the excircles to those sides meet in a point called the Nagel point.

Natural Numbers - are: { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... } the counting numbers without zero.

Negative Number - numbers that appear to the left of zero on the number line, a quantity having a negative sign.

Net Proceeds - the balance due the consignor after deducting the commission and other changes.

Nine Point Center - in a triangle, the circumcenter of the medial triangle is called the nine point center.

Nine Point Circle - in a triangle, the circle that passes through the midpoints of the sides is called the nine point circle.

Nomograph - a graphical device used for computation which uses a straight edge and several scales of numbers.

Nonagon - a nine sided polygon.

Nonagonal Number - a number of the form n(7n-5)/2.

Nonary - associated with 9.

Noon - 12:00 p.m.

Normal Distribution - also called “bell curve,” the normal distribution is the curved shape of a graph that is highest in the middle and lowest on the sides.

Notation - the method of writing numbers.

Null Hypothesis - the hypothesis that is being tested in a hypothesis-testing situation.

Null set - a set with no members { }

Number - represents the value or quantity of something.

Number Line - an infinitely long line whose points match up with the real number system.

Number Sentence - the complete sentence that uses numbers and symbols but not words.

Number Theory - the study of integers.

Numbers - are used to express how many units, or parts of a unit.

Numeral - a symbol that stands for a number.

Numerator - the number above the fraction bar that indicates the number of parts of the whole that are in a rational number, the number in the top half of the fraction.

Numerical Analysis - the study of methods for approximation of solutions of various classes of mathematical problems including error analysis. 

Printable Math Dictionary

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