Math Words That Start With B
Base, Binomial, Bisect

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These are the Math words that start with B that most children use in 5th through 6th grade.

Hint: Use prefixes to teach more meaning with Math words.

  • The prefix bi- means two. 
  • Words that start with bi, generally mean that a double or a set of two is involved, as with binary.
Math Words That Start With B: base, binomial, binary, bisect, borrowing.Math Words That Start With B: Great for Math Games and vocabulary!

List Of Words That Start With B

Ball - a sphere together with its interior.

Bar Graph - a diagram showing a system of connections or interrelations between two or more things by using bars.

Base - the number on which the rate is estimated; the side that forms a right angle with the height of an object.

Base Depth of the Triangular Prism - the perpendicular distance from the base of a triangle to the top of the triangle.

Base of the Triangular Prism - the triangular end of the prism.

Basic arithmetic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Bayes’s Rule - a rule for finding conditional probability.

Biannual - twice a year.

Bias - favoring one choice over another in a survey.

Bijection - a one-to-one function.

Bill - a written statement of the purchase or sale of goods.

Bimodal - having two modes, which are the most frequently occurring number in a list.

Binary - “base 2” which means that it uses just two digits: 0 and 1.

Binary Number - a number written to base 2.

Binary Operation - a binary operation is an operation that involves two operands. For example, addition and subtraction are binary operations.

Binomial - an expression that is the sum of two terms; polynomial with two terms.

Binomial Coefficient - the coefficients of x in the expansion of (x+1)n.

Biquadratic Equation - a polynomial equation in the 4th degree.

Bisect - to cut an angle in half.

Bisect - to cut in half.

Bisector - the line that cuts an object in half.

Bit - a binary digit.

Borrowing - adding more value from a higher column to the next column so that a larger number can be subtracted, such as from the tens column to the units column.

Borrowing - to rearrange quantities in place values of numbers during calculations.

Boxplot - also called box-and-whisker plot, this graph shows the distribution of data by dividing the data into four groups with the same number of data points in each group. The box contains the middle 50% of data points and each of two whiskers contain 25% of the data points.

Braces - the symbols { and } used for grouping or to represent a set.

Byte - the amount of memory needed to represent one character on a computer, typically 8 bits.

Dictionary and Definition Hints For B Words

Teaching prefixes will help your kids learn way many more words over the course of time. Just knowing the prefix "bi-" is helpful during life since future science classes and real life use the prefix bi- in the same way:

  • Biannual means that an event happens every two years. 
  • Binary uses two digits. 
  • To bisect means to cut in half, making two parts. 

The same is true of other prefixes and endings and it is true throughout all our English vocabulary.

Printable Math Dictionary

I print and keep these Math definitions as a glossary in my binder: Free Printable Math Dictionary For Kids

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