Three CK Words Worksheets

CK words are words that have the /k/ sound after a single short vowel at the end of a syllable, usually short base words. 

One syllable words with a short vowel sound and the hard C or K sound at the end are spelled using the English consonant digraph CK.

English words to not start with CK and we do not end English words with a single C. The ending –ic is a suffix where this phonics rule does not apply. 

Is CK a digraph. Yes, CK is a digraph because two letters are used to say the one /k/ sound.

You can print a free PDF phonics worksheet for kindergarten or choose several for first and second grade. There are three CK worksheets with the ending digraph CK in the download to the right. ->

You can use these worksheets with your own phonics rules. 

Print the K123 2-up for older children to have smaller lines like handwriting worksheets. Less work for the kids and can improve their penmanship.

1. Learning CK

2. Teaching CK

3. CK Sentences

4. Building Syllables With CK

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1. Learning CK Phonics Words

CK Spelling Rule: Use CK only after a single short vowel.

Also, the two letters in the CK digraph preserve the short vowel sound when vowel suffixes are added to the word in VCC form (vowel consonant consonant - protects short vowels):

  • pack, packed, packer, packet, packing

You will find it so much easier for your children to make little poems once they group the vowels to make rhyming words:  ack, eck, ick, ock, uck. 

  1. Kindergarten Large Font CK Worksheets - K-2, print 2-up for high school.
  2. Third Grade Small Font CK Worksheets - Grades 3-6+.

Choose the sizes that work for your children. It's handy to have the different sizes to teach phonics to several ages of children.

1.A. Short Vowel CK Words


























































1.B. English Consonant Digraph CK Endings

These are sometimes called "endings" or word families; but they are not true endings. Endings, or suffixes, grammatically change the meaning of a root word. 

Also, CK digraph words are not related according to their definitions, only by their spelling and rhyming. They just happen to have the same sounds and the spelling rule tells us what to say when we hear the /k/ sound behind a short vowel. Be sure to teach the vocabulary of these words.

The CK rule also applies to trigraphs DGE and TCH.

Print these free phonics worksheets two-up for older children as they can write smaller, and they enjoy the work looking smaller. Kids can get the habit of adding the silent K to the end of these words as they write and pronounce the words. They soon begin to see the pattern. 

They're great ESL phonics worksheets as ESL students often need practice pronouncing the English short vowel sounds. Here's a great short vowel sounds video.

Grouping these by vowel is a good idea for practice pronunciation exercises. Then practice with the mixed worksheets above. 

Buy All 190+ Phonics Worksheets And Phonics Flashcards In One Bundle

  • Buy 190+ interactive printable phonics worksheets and alphabet flash cards.
  •  Model sounds with dictation. 
  • Kids practice saying and writing phonograms, blends, and digraphs.

Digital Interactive Printables

Printable Phonics Worksheets Download $9.98



2. Teaching Phonics: Dictation List of CK Words

As you're teaching the phonogram CK, dictate the following words for your children to write into their notebooks or papers. The main thing is to have practice writing the /k/ sound using the CK digraph. The CK worksheets above are a nice homework lesson and are great for review. 

Another exercise you can do is add suffix endings to these CK words. Kids love to build words. If you present them in a fun and inviting manner, it's like making a puzzle. Hm…. What else can go here? What other words can I make? Can I make more words by adding prefixes?

3. List of CK Words With Sentence Examples

3.A. One Syllable –ACK Words:

back – Come back home.

black – The black cat is pretty.

crack – I see a crack in the side walk.

knack – She has the knack of sewing well.

lack – There is no lack of air.

pack – Pack your backpack.

quack – The duck said quack.

sack – The apple is in the sack.

snack – An apple is a fun snack to eat.

stack – Stack the books neatly.

tack – Pin the paper to the board with a tack.

track – The train rides on a track.

whack – Whack the piñata with a stick.

3.B. One Syllable –ECK Words:

check – Check your addition by subtracting.

deck – A deck of cards has fifty two cards.

fleck – A fleck of dust shines on the glass.

neck – A bottle has a neck, so do you.

peck – The chick will peck the corn.

wreck – Drive safely and you will not wreck.

3.C. One Syllable –ICK Words:

brick – The third little pig made his house of brick.

click – Turn off the light with a click.

kick – You can kick a bad habit.

lick – A dog will lick his wounds.

Nick – Nick is going to play ball.

pick – I like to pick fresh apples.

quick – Jack jumped over the candlestick.

sick – Dogs eat grass when they are sick.

slick – The oil stain on the floor is slick.

stick – She used a wooden walking stick.

tick – My clock will tick all night long.

trick – I would like to learn a rope trick.

wick – Cut the candle wick for a better flame.

3.D. One Syllable –OCK Words:

block – He lives one block from school.

chock – Chock the wheels so they do not roll.

clock – Her clock has a winding key.

crock – Grandma made pickles in a crock.

dock – Grandpa likes to fish from the dock.

flock – Birds of a feather flock together.

knock – Knock on the door quietly at first.

lock – Lock your car while you are gone.

mock – Do not mock other people.

rock – The building was built from rock and stone. 

sock – He needs to find his other sock.

3.E. One Syllable –UCK Words:

buck – A deer family has a buck, doe, and fawn.

chuck – Dad tightened the drill bit with a chuck.

duck – Dad ducked under the stairs for a surprise.

luck – There is no such thing as bad luck.

muck – The rain turned the yard to muck.

puck – He hit the hockey puck across the field.

suck – A tornado can suck the roof off a house.

tuck – Mother will tuck the blankets snug for baby.

truck – Dad drove the truck to the farm.

4. Building Two Syllable CK Words

When adding consonant or vowel suffixes you do not have to change the base CK word. Endings can change the meaning of the root word and the grammar use of it: verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs. 

Adding the past tense ending –ed to ck words does not create a new syllable. For instance the word back + ed would be backed, which is said as one syllable. The short vowel E is silent and only the /d/ consonant sound is pronounced.

4.A. Building Two Syllables –ACK Words:

back + ing = backing

black + est = blackest

crack + er = cracker

lack + ing = lacking

pack + er  = packing

quack + ing = quacking

sack + er = sacker

snack + ing = snacking

stack + ing = stacking

tack + ing = tacking

track + er = tracker

4.B. Building Two Syllables –ECK Words:

check + er = checker; checker + s = checkers

deck + ing = decking

peck + ing = pecking

wreck + er = wrecker

4.C. Building Two Syllables –ICK Words:

brick + ing = bricking

kick + er = kicker

lick + ing = licking

pick + er = picker

quick + est = quickest

sick + er = sicker

slick + er = slicker

tick + ing = ticking

trick + ing = tricking

wick + ing = wicking

4.D. Building Multi Syllable –OCK Words:

block + ing = blocking

dock + ing = docking

flock + ing = flocking

knock + er = knocker

lock + ing = locking

mock + ing = mocking

rock + er = rocker

4.E. Building Multi Syllable –UCK Words:

buck + ing = bucking

chuck + ing = chucking

duck + ing = ducking

muck + ing = mucking

puck + er = pucker

tuck + ing = tucking

truck + er = trucker

Once your students have practice spelling CK words, they'll have an easier time writing them in normal every day essays, letters, and other assignments.

CH, CI, CK Phonics Worksheets

Use these CH, CI, CK worksheets to practice the phonograms. 

Interactive Worksheets

Print these PDF printables or store them in a file for your child's phonics lessons and exercises. Whether they are reading the lists, writing the words, or typing the words, they'll have excellent phonics practice. 

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