Four SH Phonics Worksheets

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Why use SH phonics worksheets?


We learn the phonics rule:

  • We use SH at the beginning of a word, at the end of a word or syllable, but not at the beginning of a second or subsequent syllable except the ending –ship (and compound words).

And we see that there are five spellings of the /sh/ sound, yet we so often need easy practice of SH words for the children to review or to assign as homework.

So handy! To the right you'll find four printable SH digraph worksheets in two sizes: 

  • Preschool, kindergarten (a bit early for SH), first and second grade, and
  • Fourth through sixth grade.

The first two pages offer one syllable words that start with SH.

The third page mixes in words that end in SH.

The fourth adds an exception word with SH at the beginning of a second syllable that is a compound word.

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Using SH Phonics Worksheets

Teach the SH digraph and then dictate the sound so the children write the letters as they write the /sh/ sound. Once your children can write SH on hearing it, use the SH worksheets for practice. 

In English we generally spell the /sh/ sound as SH, yet there are five digraphs that have the same sound:

  • SH
  • TI
  • SI
  • CI
  • CH – French pronunciation

Orton phonics programs teach these phonograms and my favorite books are Romalda Spalding's Writing Road to Reading, Wanda Sanseri's Spell to Write and Read, and Barbara Beers' The Phonics Road to Reading and Spelling. They all have varying versions of the same rule for using SH in all positions in a word.

"Use SH at the beginning of a word, at the end of a word or syllable, but not at the beginning of a second or subsequent syllable except the ending –ship."

I like to add: "and compound words."

ESL Phonics Worksheets: SH Words

If you're using these as ESL phonics worksheets, you'll want to take a moment to be sure they can make the /sh/ sound. The S and the H make one sound together. 

Do teach this sound's spelling before you teach TI, SI, and CI words as their use depends on the SH rule. ESL students will need to know that these last three make the same sound as the digraph SH. The French CH also says the same sound. See a list below.

Our SH words worksheets have two size levels – large for preschool or kindergarten and smaller for fourth and fifth grades, or you can print the K123 two-up for older students to have a small and elegant size:

  1. SH Worksheets Kindergarten font - K-2, print 2-up for high school.
  2. Third grade SH phonics Worksheets small font - Grades 3-6+.

Choose the sizes that work for your children. It's handy to have the different sizes to teach phonics to several ages of children.

Teaching Phonics: Dictation List of SH Words

As you're teaching the phonogram SH, dictate these words for your children to write into their notebooks or on paper. The main thing is to have practice writing the /sh/ sound "by ear". The SH phonics worksheets above are great for review. 

You can use these simple sentences so you can teach the vocabulary of each word you dictate.

List of SH Words With Sentences

1. List Of Words That Start With SH

Use SH at the beginning of a word….

Hint: It's easy to find these SH words in a dictionary.

shack – Jack's sad little house was a shack.

shade – Put the park bench in the shade.

shake – Shake the paint can before spraying.

shall – I shall start today.

shame – Do good and avoid shame.

shape – This round clock has a circle shape.

share – Can you share your idea here?

shave – My brother will have to shave soon.

she – She is my mother and best friend.

shed – Jack uses his shack as a little shed.

sheep – Lucy herded her father's sheep.

sheet – Get a sheet of paper.

shell – You find a clam inside its shell.

ship – The ship sailed into the harbor.

shone – The sun shone on the beautiful lawn.

shop – Will you shop at the store with me?

shore – The beach has white sand on the shore of the lake.

shot – He shot the stone with a sling.

show – Show me how to tie my shoes.

shut – Please shut the door quietly.

2. List Of Words That End In SH

…. at the end of a word or syllable....

brush – Clean the paint brush when you finish painting.

crash – Do not crash the bike into the wagon.

dish – I like ice cream in a dish.

fish – Do you fish for trout in the pond?

hush – Please tell baby to hush.

mash – I like to mash the potatoes for Mom.

rash – Poison ivy made a red rash on her arm.

rush – Do not rush to finish your work.

smash – An cider press will smash the apples.

splash – The apple juice will splash into the pan.

trash – Put the garbage in the trash can.

wash – Wash your face and hands well.

wish – I wish you a wonderful day!

3. List Of Two Syllable SH Words

bishop – A priest can be consecrated a bishop.

finish – You finish when you get to the end.

shadow – There was shade in the shadow of the tree.

shady – The prince lived in a shady forest.

shallow – This brook is shallow compared to the river.

4. Exceptions To The SH Rule

….but not at the beginning of a second or subsequent syllable except the ending –ship." 

  • courtship
  • friendship
  • hardship
  • leadership
  • penmanship
  • sportsmanship

5. Compound SH Words

"and compound words."

  • seashell
  • seashore
  • sunshine

6. French Words: CH SH Spelling

The third most common way to say the CH sound is the French pronunciation, a soft /sh/ sound. These words come directly from the French language.

  • chandelier
  • chaufeur
  • chef
  • Chicago
  • machine
  • Michigan

See more CH words on our main phonics worksheets page.

Phonics TI SI CI Spelling Words And Worksheets

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Interactive Phonics Worksheets

Print these PDF printables or store them in a file for your child's phonics lessons and exercises. Whether they are reading the lists, writing the words, or typing the words, they'll have excellent phonics practice. 

Learn how PrintNPractice PDFs are printable interactive worksheets here.

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