First Grade Math Worksheets
Shapes, Writing Numbers, Measurement

First Grade Math Worksheets: Addition, Shapes, and more.First Grade Math Worksheets: Addition, subtraction, shapes, and more.

Welcome to our first grade Math worksheets for shapes, number writing, and measurement. Several of these downloads have several pages each. Click these links to see the bundles on this page:

  1. Shape worksheets have geometric coloring pages: circles, ovals, rectangles, squares, triangles, stars, and others cover fractions. 
  2. First grade number writing worksheets.
  3. First grade measurement worksheets.
  4. Measurement activities.
  5. Counting, Addition, Subtraction, And More

1. Printable First Grade Math Shape Worksheets

Use these printable shape worksheets to review the different shapes and to make some associations with Math concepts.

Fun Shapes For Kindergarten And First Grade

Each of these next shapes coloring pages is a single page and is fun to cut and color:

See loads more geometric and shape coloring pages at ColorWithFuzzy.

Interactive Notebook Online Worksheets For School At Home

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See our teacher and homeschool at home learning ideas.

2. First Grade Math Worksheets: Writing Numbers

First Grade Practice Writing Numbers

So many times kids need just a bit more practice than they get from their school and Math programs. Give your students practice with these super easy assignments.

Writing the numbers gives the kinesthetic boost that some students need to be able to remember the names. Encourage students to say the names of the numbers as they write or color the figures so that they'll remember them better.

Our kids found it easier to write numbers with ruled lines and a good model. Most children do because they know the limits.

These Math worksheets offer plenty of practice without overwhelming little ones. Once the number can be made well, less drill is necessary. Use these number writing worksheets for beginner or for refresher practice:

See more of our number writing worksheets and Roman numeral worksheets here.

3. Printable Measurement Worksheets For First Grade

Every once in a while, especially at the beginning of the school year, our kids needed a review of using a ruler and I made these worksheets so that we could quickly practice whether or not we could find our rulers. :-)

These measurement worksheets teach the

  • English system of measurement (inches, feet, yards, and miles) 
  • and the metric system (millimeters, centimeters, meters, and kilometers). 

These printable measurement worksheets are accurate. You can cut out the printable ruler for standard measurements. One set measures inches and the other measures centimeters.

There are two first grade math worksheets with each of these PDF downloads:

4. Measurement Activities Make Kids' Memories Strong

Our regular Math books are the Saxon Math textbooks. I love, love, love John Saxon's Investigations every ten lessons. His Investigation for measuring with rulers was so helpful and his Investigation for measuring quarts and gallons has stuck with our children ever since the first class. I myself had not ever seen it that easily put. I myself have remembered them better and have been able to explain them better.

I find that measurement activities do more good when you offer the actual rulers, gallons and thermometers for a reality check at the same time. Our kids have remembered the English system of volume measurement for years with this one demonstration in the Saxon Investigations:

  • Pour 3 teaspoons into one tablespoon.
  • Pour 4 tablespoons into a quarter cup measure.
  • Pour 4 quarter cup measures into 1 cup measure.
  • Pour 4 cups into one quart measure (milk jug or Ball Jar).
  • Pour 2 quarts into one half gallon measure (pitcher).
  • Pour 2 half gallons into one gallon measure (milk jug).

You can make all sorts of associations with this. What happens when I cannot find a tablespoon? Simply use three teaspoons. If I have a gallon of cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, how many pints or quarts can I give as gifts? If the children see real life examples, they remember the proportions in measuring more easily.

You can do similarly with three rulers and a yardstick:

  • Lay three 12 inch rulers next to a yard stick.
  • Tell a nearby landmark that is a mile away.
  • Lay a meter stick next to the yardstick to show that it's longer.
  • Measure the difference.
  • Name another landmark that is a kilometer away.

Voila! Your kids will have instant understanding and a long term memory! Remember to use the real tools of measurement before or as you use our worksheets to make a longer lasting impression. You might also like these other first grade Math worksheets:

5. More Counting, Addition, Subtraction

We also have Christmas number writing worksheets with the classic Twelve Days of Christmas pictures to color.

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First Grade Math Worksheets: Shapes, Addition, Subtraction and more!Printable First Grade Math Worksheets make learning Math fun!

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